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価格 980円
184.9MB (ダウンロードにWIFIが必要)
開発者Pixelmator Team
リリース日2019-04-09 00:28:36
星3.90625 (128人)
星3.90625 (128人)
互換性iOS 14.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
  • 2022-01-27 00:00 アプリ説明が更新されました。
  • 2022-01-24 00:00 iPad有料/総合ランキングに掲載されました。(94位)
  • 2022-01-18 00:00 アプリ説明が更新されました。
  • 2022-01-18 00:00 490円から980円に値上げされました。
Pixelmator Photo is the most powerful photo editing app ever designed for a mobile device. It features over 30 desktop-class color adjustments, support for over 600 RAW image formats, including Apple ProRAW, deep integration with the Photos app and iCloud Photos, tools powered by groundbreaking machine learning technologies, and much more.

Everything you need to make your photos look incredible
• Edit photos using a complete collection of powerful, nondestructive color adjustments designed using advanced image processing techniques
• Make your photos stand out with photographer-designed presets inspired by film photography
• Effortlessly remove unwanted objects using an incredible object removal tool
• Automatically enhance shots using a machine learning algorithm trained on 20 million pro photos
• Magically increase the resolution of photos using AI
• Crop, straighten, and rotate photos with a powerful and easy to use Crop tool
• Automatically sync every change you back to your Photos library
• Easily copy and paste edits between photos or batch edit even hundreds of photos at a time
• Open and edit over 600 RAW image formats, including Apple ProRAW
• Remove camera noise and image compression artifacts with the Core ML-powered Denoise feature
• Copy the look of any photo to another using AI-powered color matching
• Follow all the changes you make in the beautiful live histogram

Over 30 desktop-class color adjustments
• Adjust temperature and tint with the White Balance adjustment
• Improve exposure, contrast, brightness, highlights, and shadows using the Lightness adjustment
• Adjust color saturation, vibrance, and hue with Hue & Saturation
• Improve the balance of colors in the shadows, midtones, and highlights using a Color Balance adjustment inspired by pro video color grading apps
• Selectively adjust individual color ranges using the Selective Color adjustment
• Quickly improve brightness, contrast, and color by setting black, white, and grey points using the Levels adjustment
• Use the Curves adjustment to adjust lighting and color with complete precision
• Mix the balance of the red, green, and blue color channels to create intense color effects in your images
• Replace any color with any other using the Replace Color adjustment
• Create beautiful black and whites even from your color photos
• Use the Fade adjustment to wash out the contrasts in your photo and give it a faded look
• Add beautiful, film-style grain with the Grain adjustment
• Use a range of additional adjustments, like Sharpen, Color Monochrome, Sepia, and Invert to make your photos stand out

Groundbreaking artificial intelligence
• Automatically improve your photos like a pro photographer using a feature trained on 20 million professional photos
• Automatically fine-tune individual adjustments, like Lightness, White Balance, Selective Color, and Color Balance using the knowledge from the same 20-million-photo algorithm
• Remove camera noise and image compression artifacts with the ML-powered Denoise feature
• Increase the resolution of photos while preserving details and sharpness using state-of-the-art machine learning techniques
• Use Match Colors to automatically match the look and feel of one photo to another
• Intelligently crop photos using the machine learning-powered auto-cropping

Stunning presets for film emulation, vintage looks, and more
• Quickly change the look of a photo using an extensive collection of presets inspired by different photography styles and designed for a variety of subjects
• Create, save, and even share your own custom presets

Built exclusively for iOS
Pixelmator Photo is built from the ground up for iPhone and iPad with a native design that blends seamlessly with the sleek and modern look of iOS 15. And it uses powerful Apple technologies like Metal, Core ML, and Core Image to deliver staggeringly fast performance, even when editing large RAW photos or batch editing multiple images at a time.

Pixelmator Photo 2.0.5 brings some minor improvements and fixes.

• Fixed an issue with importing and exporting the preset library.
• The shortcut menu for preset groups would show a half-empty preview. Fixed.
• Shutter speeds over a second long would be displayed with an extra "s" in the Info view. Fixed.
• When selecting to add more photos in the Photos library access browser, auto-scroll would not work correctly.
• If the Pixelmator Photo album was disabled in the app's settings but not deleted from your library, its name would be displayed incorrectly in the app. Fixed.
• The thumbnails of the albums in the Photos browser were being upscaled incorrectly. Fixed.
• If the Extended Values setting was turned off but an adjustment was automatically made that moved a slider beyond the maximum non-extended value, that value would be displayed incorrectly. Fixed.
• The label displaying the number of photos in an album would be displayed incorrectly on certain devices for albums inside folders. Fixed.

Have any feedback about Pixelmator Photo? Let us know at support@pixelmator.com!
更新日時:2022年1月29日 05時00分




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