Video Delay Instant Replay Pro

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リリース日2016-09-21 06:04:49
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星4.57895 (19人)
互換性iOS 13.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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- Number 1 in the Sports iPad Category!!!
- Trusted by the US major league baseball and basketball teams.
- Perfect for golf players.

Are you frustrated by making the same mistakes and wasting time on your practice? Video Delay Instant Replay is a fantastic way for athletes to receive instant feedback on their performance. Analyze your form, build good muscle memory, and get faster results.

Make every practice satisfying and effective!

There are three main features: the DELAY, the SLO-MO, and the REPLAY.

The DELAY Mode continuously shows the delayed video during practice. After setting the buffer time, there's no need to record and replay manually. The video feedback will be on until you reset the buffer or hit the exit button.

The SLO-MO Mode captures a short video and instantly replays it in slow motion. It works best for quick activities, like punch or shoot. To adjust the speed rate, use the slider. The recording will get you short slow-motion videos of every repetition.

The REPLAY View* allows frame-by-frame analysis of athlete moves, including measuring the angles. You can also export a short part of the replay video using AB selection.
* It works only with Delay mode and a buffer time longer than 1 second.

Improve your skills and get faster results:
1. Set the Buffer time.
2. Do your action.
3. Watch the video feedback.
4. Immediately correct your posture and repeat!

Coaches and teachers!
Use the app with an external screen for even better feedback during practice! Watch the Replay video with your team, analyze your players' performance, and correct errors. Add lines on the screen to check out the angles. Trim the video, so it only shows what you want your students to concentrate on. Record only necessary parts of the practice. Instant Feedback also helps to settle disputes between players.

Basketball, baseball, and football players!
Practice by repetition - improve your shooting form by copying your favorite players' moves. Make out the best of your hitting drill. Take a quick look at the footage, correct your posture, and return to the action. No need to rewind or touch the device; the video will play instantly. You will be able to see if your pose is good and if your fake moves are effective.

Golf and tennis players!
Use a motion-detection grid and correct your swing or backhand instantly! Perform proper movements and maintain good posture while exercising. Build better muscle memory and improve your game!

Training martial arts, archery, or shooting?
Study your form with delayed video feedback. Set a short delay time and analyze your moves in slow motion. See what to correct in your kicks or punches.

Pilates or yoga fan?
Check out poses you won’t see in the mirror, like dog or pigeon. Make sure you are true to form and protect yourself from injury.

Actors and performers!
Replay yourself performing and improve your acting skills. Check out your gestures in slow-motion and make them the best!

For information on how to use the VDIR, please check out the User Guide in the app!

Audio playback in slow motion mode.
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