Peter and the wolf

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開発者Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
リリース日2016-07-01 02:40:44
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iPad 対応。
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The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and publisher Follow a Muse are developing a series of interactive apps to introduce children to classical music in a fresh and visually attractive way. Sergei Prokofiev’s Peter and the wolf is the first in the series. This musical tale is one of the most enjoyable and exciting concerts ever written for children. The app combines a video registration of the orchestra with wonderful animations, enriched with interactive surprises. There is a direct link between the scenes and the educational material included for further study. The Peter and the wolf app includes a read aloud function.

The Peter and the wolf app offers children more than 25 minutes of watching, listening and reading pleasure. They will enjoy exploring the app with their parents, grandparents or teachers and learn about the symphony orchestra, musical instruments, the composer Sergei Prokofiev and Russia. There is also a version available for the pc, specifically designed for use in the classroom.

Peter and the wolf
Peter lives with his grandfather at the edge of a forest. Grandfather does not allow Peter to play outside the gate, because there are dangerous animals lurking in the forest. Peter is not afraid at all and on a nice sunny day, despite his grandfathers warning, he ventures outside the gate to play with his animal friends. Then the big hungry wolf appears. Quick-witted Peter catches the wolf and prevents him from being shot by the hunters. Instead, the wolf is taken to the zoo.

Musical story
All the characters in the story are played by musical instruments. The story is told by the music and supported by illustrations, animations and interactive surprises.
Peter and the wolf was composed in 1936 by Sergei Prokofiev with the aim to teach children about classical music. Since then children all over the world have grown up with this musical tale. This application passes on this beautiful story in a new fresh way.

- Scenes are interactive and animated
- Educational material is included with the story in the form of six lessons

- An adventure story, in which the music takes the lead
- An audiovisual registration of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra is integrated into the story

- Integrated additional information for further study
- Six worksheets with suggestions for multidisciplinary use in school by teacher
- Access to HD viewing of the concert registration through WiFi

- 4-7 years old: visual pleasure, listening experience, reading aloud experience, increase vocabulary, play
- 7-9 years: 100% understanding, listening experience, reading experience, play, further research through catalogue items

- Unique audiovisual registration of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

- High quality graphics and illustrations
- Interactive design and fully animated

- Dutch
- English

Reading and listening
- Option 1: reading (aloud) yourself
- Option 2: being read to by narrator

Fixed bugs.
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