Angelini Trading Company

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The creation of Angelini Trading Company is entirely due to the vision and perseverance of cousins Roberto Adamo and Richard Angelini.

In late 2012 Roberto a city official in Guardia Sanframondi, Italy shared his dream with his cousin Richard in Los Angeles, California. The Angelini and Adamo families had been merchants and artists since 1600 and Roberto had always wanted to share his pride and affection for authentic Italian food with the rest of the world.

His idea was to form a team to scour the Italian peninsula for companies that wished to export only the highest level of product available to the rest of the world. Richard was a former lawyer who spoke Italian, was born in Italy, owned a chain of food establishments and also numerous auto dealerships and a finance company. Together, he was sure, they would succeed.

The cousins came up with a set of qualifications that must be met by any Italian factory before they could be accepted as an authorized supplier for Angelini Trading Company:
The factory must produce food of the highest possible quality.

The factory must have at least 3 generations of experience and be family run.

The factory must have a proven track record of sales and a great reputation in Italy and Europe.

The factory must not have ever imported their product to America.

The factory must grant Angelini Trading Company the exclusive rights to distribute its products anywhere in the world outside of Europe.

After 2 years Angelini Trading Company has secured either through distribution agreements or outright partnership, the rights to distribute 26 varieties of wine from 5 different family owned wineries, 2 different handmade Italian pasta factories, as well as the olive oil which just won the 2014 award for best olive oil in the world!

In addition the team has agreements to import tomato sauce, mineral water, cheese, coffee, Panatone and many different kinds of phenomenal specialty food items seldom seen in the U.S. market.

Angelini Trading Company is really a network of established, successful, factories all with the common goal of exporting their own authentic brand of Italian quality products to a grateful world.

A list of authorized vendors for Angelini Trading Vendors is available upon request.

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