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[ 旅行 ]
Cartography for world travelers. Save your next trip with Mapple! Made in New York.
[ ミュージック ]
Jam With Your Friends features acoustic guitar lessons by Josh Cohen. While jammin' with JOSH, you can also record your own songs. Tap the red plus button ...
[ 写真/ビデオ ]
Unlimited Shapes, Unlimited Fun. - Draw with augmented reality anytime, anywhere. - Capture your drawings with built-in screen recording. - Collaborate wit...
[ ミュージック ]
Say Hi to HiFi! HiFi curates concerts in your area. Find your favorite artists, concerts and setlists. HiFi's calendar shows upcoming tour dates, and the ...
[ ヘルスケア/フィットネス ]
Get moving with Coles! Five minutes of fitness. Learn seven unique workouts. Made in New York
[ 旅行 ]
Salaries helps you track and analyze your expenses! It scans receipts, tickets and coupons to budget your money. Expenses are categorized to review spendin...
[ ブック ]
Read prompts, write stories, repeat! iStrand is made for sharing prompts. Made in New York.
[ フード/ドリンク ]
Discover and share delicious dishes! Recipix lets you turn food photos into custom recipes. Paint your next plate with over one million unique recipes. Mad...
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