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Wired In is a modern productivity tool for iOS, OS X, and your desk. We have been hard at work developing and using 3 different productivity tools - our Pomodoro tool for iOS and OS X, and our desk sign to let others know when you're in the zone. * Elegant pomodoro round control for focus and breaks * Add tasks and tags to each round * Track time for projects or clients * Review completed rounds and tasks by date or tag We started Wired In because we get interrupted too often. While great for collaboration, modern, open workspace...
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Welcome to the Wired Coffee Bar Loyalty Program & Rewards! Leave your wallet at home. Our app lets you pay with your phone and earn rewards along the way. For every $50 you spend using the app, we give you $5 towards your next purchase. Simply download the app and link your credit/debit card to get started! - Purchase, send, and receive gift card credits - Find the Wired Coffee Bar locations nearest to you - Check out the menu on the go - Keep track of your purchases - Be the first to know about interesting specials and great deal...
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*動作デモ動画* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2ztyDUGyIk または http://tinyurl.com/wfdemo ****************** ▼デジタルフォトフレームアプリ「Wired(ネットに接続した)Frame」 デジカメで撮った写真を見返す機会はありますか?たくさん撮ったけど結局その後見ることがなかった・・・という方も多いのではないでしょうか。「Wired Frame」はFlickrにアップされたそのような写真たちを、一定間隔でiPhoneに表示します。 また、「Wired Frame」はお気に入りのWebサイトやブログの最新ニュースや、twitterのおしゃべりをチェックすることができます。電光掲示板のようにゆ...
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It’s easier than ever to enjoy this groundbreaking monthly on your iPad. It’s the WIRED vision of how innovation is shaping the future, featuring content not available in the print magazine. If you experience problems or have any questions about the Wired app, please contact us at 1-800-825-5388. SUBSCRIBERS’ AUTOMATIC-RENEWAL FEATURE: Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your iTunes account will automatically be charged at the same price ...
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横スワイプすると物語が始まります。 未来を作る「アイデア」+「イノヴェイション」を伝えるWIRED、「政治」・「経済」・「カルチャー」を独自の視点で切り込むVICEの記事を配信します。 新しいiPhone最大限に感じられます。 ・もっとインスピレーションを感じたい ・もっと記事を読んで考えたい ・仕事や教養に役に立つ情報を得るのに時間を費やしたい こんな思いを持つユーザのために、メディアがもつ世界観をリッチに伝えることができるアプリを実現しました。 iOS8に合わせて、新機能を盛り込み、スワイプ、引っ張る、投げるなどのジェスチャー操作ですいすいと気持ちよ...
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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ **** LIMITED TIME Launch Special (Regular Price: $19.99 USD) **** Use your iPad as an extra monitor to your MAC or PC! **** **** Developed by the Creator of Splashtop Remote Desktop, the #1 iOS Business App Developer, with over 20 million users! **** *** Please contact us at http://support-xdisplay.splashtop.com/home if you have any p...
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*** Free 6-minute session to experience the product and ensure it works well for your need. Unlock unlimited sessions by buying the full version of the app at discount now! *** **** Use your iPad/iPhone as an extra monitor to your MAC or PC! **** **** Developed by the Creator of Splashtop Remote Desktop, the #1 iOS Business App Developer, with over 20 million users! **** *** Please contact us at http://support-xdisplay.splashtop.com/home if you have any problem extending or mirroring your computer screen to your iPad/iPhone. T...
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FOURTH BOOK IN SERIES!! SHOWDOWN AT BOOT-UP HILL! LITE VERSION: First few pages are free! This is the fourth issue in The Wired Bunch series, Showdown at Boot-up Hill. The Wired Bunch is a futuristic interactive storybook about robot cowboys set in the wired west. This series centers around Marshal Ram and his 5 deputies as they protect their town from evil robots. It is a fun and engaging story with fun animations that allows the user to read it, listen to the story or both! It is inspired by the old Hanna-Barbera saturda...
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The WIRED World in 2014 is the second annual look at the most-know trends for the year ahead. This is WIRED magazine’s time to take a longer look ahead and forecast the people, products, threats and changes that will matter in 2014. Explore 120 ideas across eight sections: technology, business, medicine, lifestyle, media, politics, science and environment. In The WIRED World in 2014, you’ll learn about the impact of wearable tech and UAVs, space explorations, new digital business models and whether bitcoin will become as big as t...
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WIRED ist das Tech-Lifestyle-Magazin für die Neugierigen, die Zukunftsforscher, die Wissbegierigen. Für alle, die in der schnellen, digitalisierte Welten nach den Trends von morgen suchen. Die mehr wollen als schnelle Infohappen, sondern lernen und verstehen wollen, wie Technologie und Innovationen unsere Gesellschaft verändern, wie sie Business, Design und Kultur beeinflussen – und unser ganzes Leben immer wieder neu erfinden. WIRED findet im Dschungel der Informationen die entscheidendsten Ideen und wichtigsten Trends. Wir gehen...
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