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Simple Habit is the best meditation app for busy people. Breathe easy and relax with guided meditation chosen for your life and situation. Meditate for just 5 minutes a day to reduce stress, improve focus, sleep better, relax faster, breathe easier, and more. Work through daily struggles with guided meditation sessions for any situation. The meditation sessions from Simple Habit are guided by some of the world’s best teachers. Whether you need to reduce anxiety or get through a tough day at work, meditation can help. Simple Habi...
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A Simple.TV network connected DVR lets you watch, pause, and record free over-the-air HDTV! Now watch your favorite live and recorded television shows from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. With Simple.TV and an HDTV antenna, you can cut the cord and ditch your cable provider, while still enjoying your favorite broadcast TV shows! Simple.TV is a full featured DVR with all the bells and whistles, a rich EPG (electronic program guide) to browse what’s on, and series recording so that your favorite shows will be ready when you are....
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Train Simple for Adobe® Creative Cloud is a cloud-based service offering access to all of Train Simple's video-based courses. In addition to current course offerings, you’ll also gain access to all new courses released within your membership timeframe. New courses are added monthly. Moreover, Train Simple is an Adobe Authorized Training Provider, so you know you are getting trained by the experts. We offer training courses on Adobe's software from Photoshop and Illustrator, to Dreamweaver and Muse. You'll also have access to the ...
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Searching for the perfect photo booth app for live events? Look no further. With the Simple Booth Classic app, you can quickly set up a modern DIY photo booth at your next party for just a fraction of the cost of a traditional photo booth. Simple Booth Classic is designed to run for hours at a time at events, parties, weddings, birthdays and more. Create a thrilling experience for guests with stunning photo layouts and GIFs. Guests will also appreciate the intuitive screen layout and ability to quickly send their photos by email ...
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Reviewing marketing content can be daunting due to the sheer volume we are expected to review. With the Simple app, working with your teams, stakeholders and agencies has never been easier, allowing you to approve and provide feedback on the go. To give you peace of mind, Simple records all actions that you and your teams make when approving content. Have the confidence to execute your campaigns knowing all bases are covered, while ensuring all legal and compliance requirements are captured. Using the Simple app you can: • View ...
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Simple Audio Roomplayer+ iPad App Simple Audio Roomplayers are high resolution music streamers for music lovers. Roomplayers provide easy access to music collections stored on devices around the home and make it easy for you to discover new music through integrated music services and online radio stations. It’s also easy for family and friends to set up a profile, sync music, create playlists and store favourites too. Connect multiple Roomplayers around your home for the ultimate multi-room experience.   If you own a Roomplayer+, ...
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Streema のシンプルラジオを使えば、とても簡単にお気に入りの FMラジオ放送局、AMラジオ、インターネットのオンライン ラジオ、無料のラジオ局を試聴することができます。 4万局以上の放送局で、お気に入りの放送や、ゆっくりリラックスしながら世界中からの放送をお楽しみ下しあ。もしかしたら、素敵な放送局に巡り会えるかもしれません。シンプルラジオは、昔のラジオチューナーとシンプルなオンラインラジオの利点を組み合わせた初のアプリです。 どんなラジオ局でも簡単に見つける事ができます。ギャンル別で検索(ポップなラジオ局、ロックなラジオ局、ニュース関連ラジ...
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※Ver.2.0.0の新機能 1.対象OSをiOS4.0以降に変更 2.Retinaディスプレイに対応 3.縦持ちモードを追加 4.その他、軽微な不具合を修正 ※iPhone3でご使用の皆様へ iPhone3G+iOS4の環境下では本バージョンは正常に動作しません。旧バージョン1.4.0と同等の機能を搭載した無料アプリSimple! 雀 Touch Lite 1.0.1 を別途公開しておりますので、そちらをご利用ください。iTunesでのファイル共有が可能な環境なら、戦績データも移行できます。 iTunesを使ってのファイル共有機能も追加されており、戦績データの書き出し&読み込みが行えます。 ---------------------------------------...
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Simple. Fast. Gorgeous. How fast can you Smove? Trying to stay alive has never been this fun. Swipe up, down, left, and right to dodge your way through 10 simple yet challenging levels all while vying for the top spot by collecting the most points. Think you have what it takes? Then show us your Smoves!
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With over 4 million downloads, Simple Transfer is the easiest way of transferring your photos and videos to/from computer and other iOS devices wirelessly. It also converts photos to JPEG/HEIC, HEVC videos to H.264 format and Live Photos to videos. No need for cable, iTunes or extra softwares on your computer. Reviews: ●●●●● "Have never looked back since finding this app! Couldn't live without it now." ●●●●● "Turns phone into a web server with great user interface! Best feature: "Select All" so many other apps miss this option." ...
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