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The Light Radio Network is a non-commercial radio network comprised of six full power radio stations and four translators covering most of the state of Vermont and surrounding communities in New York, New Hampshire and Canada.  In cooperation with EMF Broadcasting, C.M.I. also broadcasts Air1 Radio in some of the most populous areas in Vermont.   The Light Radio Network has an approximate listening audience of 15,000 in Chittenden County and 30,000 listeners throughout the State of Vermont and surrounding New York, New Hampshire an...
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Run your photography business on the go with the mobile companion to the desktop version of Light Blue, designed for iPad and iPhone. IMPORTANT NOTE: Requires a copy of Light Blue on your Mac or PC and for you to be syncing with our online services. Each iPad or iPhone counts as one device towards your account limit. Features: - Get to your information when you need it: you can take your most important business information with you, wherever you go. - Deal with things on the go: look up shoot information, respond to new enquiries...
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The Blue Light Card app is brought to you by the largest provider of discounts for the UK’s Emergency Services, NHS and Armed Forces. With thousands of offers already available within this service, this app acts as an ideal way to experience, find, remember those offers that are of particular interest to how and where you shop. We have designed the app so that all offers and features are simply a swipe or a touch away. There are hundreds of companies ready with offers because of the service you or your family has provided the co...
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Delta Light's most recent catalogue is The Lighting Bible 12, launched in May 2017, following the presentation of new products during Milan Design Week in the heart of Milan (IT). The new Lighting Bible is extremely ambitious in its scope: over 1,000 pages packed with new designs, new applications, technical innovations and inspirational project photos from allover the world. Download the official Delta Light app to browse through The Lighting Bible 12 and dedicated product brochures, search for product information, discover new o...
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The Delta Light Beacon application uses the recent iBeacon (Bluetooth 4.0) technology to let users explore their stand at the Light+Building fair in Frankfurt from 30/03 - 04/04 2014. When using this application, you can scan the different areas on the stand to discover more information about Delta Light's new and remarkable products.
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LightRabbit is an innovative company who light up your home, office and garden economically, ecologically and without compromise. We don’t want you to be in the dark when it comes to lighting and can guarantee that not only are we the cheapest in the market but also that we will significantly lower your electricity bills. LightRabbit bulbs and lamps are designed and tested to the highest standards; furthermore, our lights are easy and undisruptive to install and good for the environment and your bank balance.If you are in the neig...
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Mobile photo capture and upload tool for Third Light Intelligent Media Servers. This application allows you to securely upload images directly into a Third Light IMS server via your mobile data or Wifi connection. You can use the application to upload existing images from your photo library in batches, or capture new photos from the camera. Includes HTTP and HTTPS support. Compatible with all Third Light IMS v6.x servers.
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Light Serviços de Eletricidade Light, sempre com você! Canal de atendimento virtual da Light, empresa de energia elétrica do Rio de Janeiro - Brasil, para clientes atendidos em baixa tensão. Solicite serviços a qualquer hora, de qualquer lugar. É prático, seguro e fácil de usar! Confira os serviços automáticos disponíveis: - Light Já!*: comunicação de emergência para falta de luz - Código de barras da conta para pagamento - Histórico de consumo - Alteração de dados cadastrais - Autorização para débito automático...
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- 待望のひと品 - LED Light は、優れたデザインとボタン サウンドであなたの感性を刺激します。 すばやくインストールして簡単に使用できるだけではなく、機能も完全です。 ぜひ今日 LED Light を無料でダウンロードしてください。 2010 年 9 月 26 日、アメリカにおいてユーティリティ カテゴリ (iPhone) で第一位 ======================================== -  LED Light についてのユーザーの評価 兎に角起動が早い by ホー ハイ on 04-May-2011 version 1.2.2 起動から点灯までは秒足らずで点灯しますね モールス信号の、灯火モードまで付いてて至れり尽くせりでしかも...
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Spawn Lite lets you can make a swarm of colored lights dance across the screen with your fingers. Be ready to be mesmerized by the beauty and flowing movement that can be created with just a simple touch. Spawn has evolved thanks to our users! So please, keep sending us your feedback… this app is for you! Think you’re creative? CHECK OUT WHAT THIS USER CREATED: http://bit.ly/aGvdtVSpawnSpin [INSIDER TRICKS] - To take a screenshot, press the home and lock buttons at the same time. If you pause the game (two finger tap) you can tak...
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