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Ever feel like social media and dating Apps have destroyed the art of conversation? Face2face allows you to make a virtual connection and turn it into an instant, real-life meeting in the comfortable setting of a recognised Face2face venue or event. Face2face is the perfect meet and greet ice-breaker App for both business and social environments. Remain anonymous in an un-biased location and find like-minded people to meet in person for a face to face chat. To start, check-in to a Face2face venue or event, recognisable by the App l...
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Face4Job riproduce il processo di ricerca e selezione in sole 4 mosse direttamente dal pc: 1. Inserisci il tuo CV e fai la tua classifica dei 10 Talenti; 2. Colloquio OFF-LINE: registrazione dei VideoTalent rispondendo alle domande richieste dall’azienda. Hai la possibilità di prepararti al meglio e quando Ti senti pronto, registrala; rivediti, se sei soddisfatto, la invii, altrimenti migliorala con una nuova registrazione (revocabile sempre ed in qualsiasi momento); 3. Colloquio REAL-TIME: registrazione dei VideoTalent con...
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Warning: This app is intended for health care professionals only and contains graphic medical procedural and cadaveric imagery. --------------- Introducing Complete Face, the interactive educational tool for every health professional who performs facial cosmetic injecting. Complete Face correlates injecting techniques, anatomy, and product choice with hundreds of high quality videos, photographs and protocols in an app that is intuitive, interactive, and available at your fingertips. Learn how to prevent and deal with adverse ev...
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Explorer by The North Face - GPS running, climbing and hiking made fun Explore longer. Push further. Earn your reward. Challenge yourself to run, climb and hike more, track your performances and get on the leaderboard. In the spirit of Never Stop Exploring, you can discover new limits and share every moment with your friends. CHOOSE YOUR CHALLENGE Discover a series of challenges in the form of activity specific badges for running, climbing, hiking and exploring. WIN BADGES Win badges based on distance, speed, elevation, endur...
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Sick of Candy Crush? Help stop the spread of the evil E951 Aspartame (A.K.A. NutraSweet) in the best new FREE candy puzzle adventure. “Le Candy Face Friends” is a cool, fun, simple and addictive game for the family and kids. Easy to learn but challenging to master! Match and collect Candy Face Friends in this amazingly delicious puzzle adventure guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth! E951 Aspartame (A.K.A. NutraSweet) is trying to destroy Rainbow Land with the spread of his sweet poison. Do you and your friends have what it ta...
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Fony Face is a jaw-dropping, eye-popping app that allows you to speak through the faces of animated characters on your iPhone or iPad and share the hilarious results with your friends. • Two FREE Fony Faces included. Additional faces available as in-app purchases. • Fony Face mouths move in sync with user’s voice. • Use your natural voice or alter your voice using silly modulated effects. • Eye movements and hidden animation sequences bring the characters to life. • Turn your device horizontally for mouth and eye modes. • Create m...
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This application provides search capability of the entire Pro-face product catalog, complete with technical specifications, 360° visuals, CAD drawings, manuals, data sheets, and much more, allowing the user to find the right product quickly. For over 40 years, Pro-face has set the standard for Human Machine Interface and Industrial Personal Computers, and is the leading independent global supplier of visualization and data management solutions for industrial applications.
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• NUMBER 1 APP in 5 countries! • MORE than 2 000 000 USERS worldwide! • 1000 UNIQUE FACE FILTERS for your selfies & BEAUTIFICATION IS A MUST! • AR-GAMES and AVATARS awaits you! Banuba gives anyone with a smartphone access to dozens and dozens of face filters. Wanna be Santa Claus? Done. Wanna rock a giant cupcake on your head? Easy. Wanna be a vampire DJ? We’ve got you covered there too. Banuba offers one of the coolest selfie photo & video experiences that exists today. In mere moments you can transform any boring day or conve...
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フェイス・リーディングとは、顔から人の個性や性格を評価することです。顔は心の鏡であり、五感は言葉なくして秘密を告白します。 フェイス・シークレットは、あなたの顔を深く理解するための興味深い体験をお届けします。もちろん、あなたの好奇心を満たすためのエンターテイメントです。 写真を撮って、リーディングが完了したら通知を受け取るだけです。友達や家族とお楽しみください! 主な機能: 【性格と未来】 •目、鼻、額、顔の特徴に基づいた、フェイス・リーディングから洞察を得ましょう。あなたの愛、キャリア、未来についてもっと知ることができます。 【エー...
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最先端技術を掛けて、次のことができます: 1.タイムトレースに入り、数十年後にの顔みる; 2.親密度コンパスを利用し、すきな人を追求する方法; 3.知恵の書で悩みを解決; 4.どの名人に最も似ているか調べ; 5.願いのプラネットで願いを他の人と共有; 6.幸運くじを獲り、毎日何が起こるのか予見し。 【メインの機能】 タイムマシン 赤ちゃんの予測 毎日の運勢 親密度コンパス 知恵の書 名人マッチング 幸運くじ ラッキーチャーム 【詳細な紹介】 タイムマシン 老け込んでいつも眠くなるとき、顔の変化の悲しみありますなら?タイムマシンに入れると、何十年後にどんな顔に...
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