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Stack Exchange is a network of 100+ question and answer communities on everything from software programming to cooking, photography, and gaming. With this app you can: • Read, ask, and answer questions on the best question and answer center in the world • Track all your interests in one place with the new combined feed view • Get instant notifications when you receive an answer or comment This is the official app for all Stack Exchange sites, including Stack Overflow, Super User, Server Fault, Ask Ubuntu and Arqade. New to Stack...
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Aplikace přehledně informuje o nejvýhodnějších valutových i devizových kurzech cizích měn. Získejte ten nejlepší kurz srovnáním hned několika subjektů najednou a vyzkoušejte unikátní funkci HLÍDÁNÍ KURZŮ - jakmile kurz dosáhne vámi zadané hodnoty, aplikace vás ihned upozorní. V aplikaci je také časově neomezený slevový kupón, se kterým máte VIP kurzy vždy po ruce. Buďte v obraze a ušetříte! Proč používat právě naši aplikaci? ● Vždy aktuální kurzy devizového trhu ● Denně aktuální valutové kurzy ● Srovnání kurzů několika subjektů na...
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Supports ARABIC (العربية) and ENGLISH Al Fardan Exchange is one of the leading names in the UAE remittance market and a pioneer in the industry of UAE money exchange business. Privileged to be a part of the reputable Al Fardan Group, Al Fardan Exchange is into the remittance market since more than 43 years. Our services include: Money Transfer (Remittance), Foreign Currency Exchange, Prepaid Cards, eMoney - WPS Payroll Solutions, and a lot of other Value Added Services. * FEATURES - Live currency rates - Convert the currencies u...
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アプリケーションは最も有利な外貨両替レートに関し、明確な情報をお届けします。複数店舗のレートを同時比較すると共に、実際にいくら手にすることができるのかを計算できます。アプリケーションに含まれる使用期限のない割引券を提示すれば、VIPお客様に提供するレートで両替いただけます。 当店のアプリケーションのメリット ● 両替レートの最新情報 ● 複数店舗の両替レートを同時比較 ● 各店のレートを比較する換算機能 ● EXCHANGE s.r.o.両替店の割引券 アプリケーションは外貨をチェココルナへ、又はチェココルナの外貨への両替をお求めのチェコ共和国への訪問者の方を...
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The must have app for lovers of their own personality, social media and celebrities! KEY FEATURES: ► Get to know yourself through Personality Breakdown. ► Check out the Celebrity Personality Analysis. ► Compare yourself to your favourite celebrities. ► Track your social media ‘Likability’ and ‘Influence’ level. ► Share your activities on your social media and brag about your exciting life. And that’s just the beta version of the app! Besides, it’s 100% FREE! Some of the FEATURED CELEBRITIES: ► Musicians: Katy Perry, Justin Bieber...
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Emirates India International Exchange was established in 1980, one among the first exchange houses in the UAE. With branches spanned across the UAE we have evolved with time to offer a wide range of money transfer services on technologically advanced platforms. Our offerings are customer centric with convenient money transfer solutions for individual remitters and corporates alike. With a strong network of correspondent banks and remittance partners across the globe we aim to excite the customers while fulfilling their money trans...
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If you are a financial professional serving the fixed annuity and fixed life insurance marketplace, the AAAE mobile app is an indispensable tool for staying on top of breaking news, current product information, and your own production details. Each day, the AAAE app publishes important industry news, carrier communications, rate change bulletins, and more. A robust annuity product database is priceless to financial professionals on-the-go, offering up-to-date rates and specifications at your fingertips. Instant access to a wide...
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Citi® - the leader and innovator in FX Markets brings you Citi® Foreign Exchange Rates, an easy to use, one-of-a-kind , mobile application that enables users to view up-to-date streaming exchange rates for lots of currencies (including the most liquid G10's) from the convenience of their iPhone or iPod touch. Additional features include dynamic charting (in both portrait and landscape mode) and fully customizable currency configuration module where you can arrange currency pairs according to your preferences. Now covering over 6...
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今現在の円→バーツ両替レートがすぐにわかる! <New!> プッシュ通知機能に対応しました! - 銀行だけでなく、市中の両替所のレートも表示できます - 一番いいレートの銀行、両替所がすぐにわかるので両替損をしません! - プッシュ通知機能を有効にすると、毎日決まった時刻にお得なレートを通知することができます 対応銀行: バンコク銀行、サイアムコマーシャル銀行、カシコン銀行、アユタヤ銀行、クルンタイ銀行、大華銀行 対応両替所: スーパーリッチ、サイアムエクスチェンジ、VASU、SIA MONEY EXCHAGE、LINDA EXCHANGE、TWELVE VICTORY EXCHANGE、K79 EXCHANGE
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フリマアプリ「Exchange market」は 着なくなった洋服や使わなくなったアイテムなどをカメラで撮影し投稿するだけで気軽に出品することができます! ◆こんな方にオススメ ・欲しいアイテムをお得に手に入れたい方 ・空いた時間に気軽に取引したい方 ・手作りの雑貨、アクセサリーなどの作品を出品したい方 ・まだ使えるアイテムを捨てるのはなんだかもったいないと感じる方 ・不要なアイテムを、リサイクルショップに持っていくのが面倒な方 ・ネットオークションは難しいと感じる方 ◆こんな商品を出品しよう! ・クローゼットや押し入れに眠っている使わなくなった洋服や雑...
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