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Fasting is a spiritual tool God uses to advance his kingdom, change the destiny of nations, spark revival, and bring victory in people’s lives. Every Nation churches and campus ministries begin each new year with five days of prayer and fasting to humble ourselves before God, consecrate ourselves to him for the upcoming year, and corporately agree for breakthroughs. SPECIAL FEATURES: * Podcast: Listen to the latest sermon or lookup a previous one in the podcast library. * Digital Bible: Enter in the passage you want or use quick k...
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零元簡訊溝通:個人溝通、三五好友群組聊天或企業發送大量圖文影音簡訊都適用,頻道群呼和聊天室都沒有人數發送限制哦! 頻道市集訂閱:提供名人偶像、消費娛樂、3C科技與藝文宗教等多種類互動頻道皆已上架,天天送好康,讓您依照興趣喜好選擇訂閱! 專屬隨身頻道:FB不夠用!隨身頻道有如APP版粉絲專頁,即時更新狀態,隨身將想說的;看到的;聽到的和頻道訂閱粉絲分享,發佈訊息都可以再轉發推薦或發佈到FB,一呼百諾,揪團好容易! EVERY8D 不定期更新版本,持續堅持我們的好服務! 聯絡我們Email:service@every8d.com.tw EVERY8D加值應用: 1.零元多媒體訊息溝通,支援圖文...
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◆作りたい!が見つかるレシピ動画アプリ SNSファン数No.1!国内最大の料理レシピ動画メディア「DELISH KITCHEN(デリッシュキッチン)」 レシピ動画アプリダウンロード数もNo.1!(出典:App Annie 日本国内 両OS合計 (2017年1月〜2018年6月末) ◆だれでもおいしく簡単に作れる料理レシピ動画アプリ DELISH KITCHENでは、毎日の料理に役立つ、だれでもおいしく簡単に作れるレシピ動画をお届け!レシピ動画を見ながら料理を楽しく。 掲載しているレシピは、管理栄養士、調理師、料理研究家をはじめとする食の専門家が作ったオリジナル料理レシピなので、大切なご家族の健康にも安...
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EVERY[エブリー]は、大人女子のためのトレンドまとめアプリです。 女子力をあげるファッション、コスメ、ヘアスタイル、恋愛など、気になる話題が盛りだくさん! 移動中やおやすみ前にEVERYをチェックして、毎日充実したかわいい女子になろう。 ■EVERYの特徴■ たくさんのジャンルのトレンド情報が毎日更新 登録なしですべて無料でチェックできます。 自分が読みたいカテゴリーをタブをめくるだけですぐに読めます。 ■こんな女の子にオススメ!■ *最新のトレンド・人気の話題をまとめて知りたい *自分をもっとかわいく磨きたい *かわいいものを集めたい *ファッションが...
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Wave - Against Every Beat! Immerse yourself in an intense shooter where the beats and rhythm of your own music create the enemies and action around you. --------------- PRESS QUOTES: "Wave is the perfect tribute to old skool shooters: it boasts addictive gameplay, sterling presentation and is as tough as old boots" - PocketGamer.co.uk "Wave: Against Every Beat is a great concept. Being able to play a bullet hell shooter that reacts to the music you play alongside it conjures up infinite possibilities" - 148apps.com "Wave: ...
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Back to school or the office? For those who love to snooze, but need to wake up on time…. here’s a more effective alarm clock experience worth every penny. 7 REBOOTED FEATURES >> There's other great alarm apps, including your native Apple clock, but this entry has its own unique focus; to reboot the way alarm clock snoozing works so you can HAVE that golden snooze time AND still get up when you need to. 1) SMART SNOOZES A new concept; Alarm Clock Reboot auto-schedules 4 snooze sessions ahead of your wake up time. Snooze ton...
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PiPifier is an Action extension for Safari that lets you use every HTML5 (thats about every web video on iOS) video in Picture in Picture mode. If you have an HTML5 video playing on any website like Youtube just press Run PiPifier in Safari's Share Menu to enable Picture-In-Picture for this video. With this extension you can even run PiP mode on sites that hide the native video controls (so that you can not enable PiP there) Usage: 1. Open Safari 2. Open the Share Menu 3. Choose More 4. Enable 'Run PiPifier' 5. Select 'Run PiPi...
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100% FREE! No puzzle packs to buy! DOWNLOAD NOW! Take as long as you want to finish these beautiful jigsaw puzzles! Choose from our catalog of thousands of free puzzles, or from nine new jigsaw puzzles available every hour! • You'll never run out of new and interesting puzzles to try, with new puzzles every hour and a catalog of thousands! • NEW - "Tap if You Get Stuck" button that will organize and highlight any remaining loose pieces, to help you find any pieces that may have gotten lost or are hiding on top of one another! ...
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Copyright 2015 by Dash Technologies Please view our other apps at *** www.DashyApps.com *** iMakeupUnlimited allows you to save every single makeup or cosmetic brand and color inside your iphone. Instead of saving just one lipstick or just one mascara, now you can have 30, 50, 100, unlimited lipsticks brand, color and notes! iMakeup Unlimited allows you to store an unlimited number of every makeup and cosmetic you own. iMakeupUnlimited even allows you to share your favorite makeup or cosmetics too! For example, lets say yo...
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Discover a free new music video every day with Rory! Every day a new independent music video is made free to watch and share: + Monday Rock + Tuesday Indie + Wednesday Electronic + Thursday Urban + Friday Pop + Weekend Roundup (the most popular video of that week) Every video comes with an artist bio, and a link to find out more. Always stay up to date with the independent music scene. Share your favourite tracks on your social networks.
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