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Cool Cousin is shaking up the travel world with good old human connection. Seriously, we’re all about connecting you - the traveler - with awesome people from around the world - the cousins - to share information directly and get in on that city low-down that only locals know. As a traveler, Cool Cousin makes all this possible: - Get reliable recommendations for what to do and where to do it straight from locals you find interesting - View all your recommendations as a list or on a map - Enjoy smooth access to your chosen loc...
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・地球温暖化って実はよくわからない。 ・自分がどんな行動をしたらよいのかわからない・・・ と、思ったことがあるあなたをサポートしたいと思い、環境省 COOL CHOICE事務局が、アプリを始めました。 このアプリを使って、COOL な暮らしをCHOICEしていきましょう! ■主な機能 ○ナビゲーター  ・あなたのライフスタイルに応じた「おすすめ地球温暖化対策プラン」をナビゲーターがお届けします。 ○地球温暖化百科事典  ・地球温暖化に関することなら何でもやさしく知ることが出来ます。 ○OUR VOICE  ・あなたの知っている著名人からもメッセージをいただきました。 ○故郷のい...
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Read the latest news about Cool Rides Online and view/share pictures of cool cars, trucks and bikes! Cool Rides Online is an online car show and community of automotive enthusiasts who's mission is to keep the automotive hobby thriving! You can visit our main website at www.CoolRidesOnline.net to learn more about us! Our motto is simple... "If it's cool and it has an engine, we want to see it!"
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COOL ESCAPES Mauritius – Keep calm and dance all night! Considering the fact that Ibiza is, above all, famous for its hedonistic partying, the COOL ESCAPES Mauritius app shows that there is also another side to the island. As well as the main attractions of the cool beach clubs, there are also bays for swimming, walking trails in the fresh air and flower-power spots for yogis. In addition to boutique hotels, agritourism, restaurants, relaxed cafés and bars, you can also find the most beautiful fashion, delicatessen, and interior de...
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Cool Clubs - The leader in custom club fitting - debuts The Golf Shaft Database with 1000+ premium wood shafts already in the database! The app, developed by CodeRed-I, puts the industry’s most detailed and advanced golf shaft database at your fingertips. Learn how important the correct shaft is to your game by understanding what the industry has to offer with the following features: • Revolutionary S3 – Shaft Simulation System data • EI and deflection profile overlaying • 1000+ premium shafts already in the database • Database i...
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La aplicación de Cool&Secret para iPhone es una selecta y exclusiva guía para descubrir los sitios más especiales y secretos de Madrid. La App de Cool&Secret Madrid es tu Concierge personal para acertar siempre. Una guía de Madrid para que en cualquier momento y en cualquier lugar encuentres a tu alrededor nuestra exclusiva selección de espacios Cool&Secret. No fallarás. Seleccionamos exclusivamente aquellos espacios y propuestas que, tras una visita personal, consideramos que reúnen nuestros parámetros de calidad. Sólo así podem...
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Your tickets and coupons are at home in Cool Ticket. Why use Cool Ticket? • The best way, how to go to CineStar CZ - we publish 10 000 Last Minute tickets for free, you can conveniently pay for your reservation right from the app and also buy budget-wise popcorn menus to the movie. • You'll get interesting and exclusive coupons absolutely free or at an advantageous price (cocktails, fresh drinks, trending news...). • Every week, you can take part in quizzes and contests and win free tickets to the cinema. • Cool Ticket is used in ...
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Cool Guyはあなたの最高のスタイルプランナーであり、持っている洋服から欲しい洋服まですべてを網羅した頼れるショッピングアシスタントにもなります。 ファッションとは着る洋服そのものではなくあなたがそれらをどう着るかです。Cool Guyでさまざまな組み合わせを簡単に楽しんで、あなたのスタイルをさらに高めましょう。 いつでもどこでも、あなたが欲しいスタイルをクリエイト。 あなたのクローゼットにあるアイテムをもう一度見直すことで、いつも同じ着こなしにならないよう手助けします。 オンラインでショッピング。shopstyle.comでなら、持っていないアイテムもオ...
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### Cool HD Wallpapers - New Evolution ### ### It's time to add some coolness to your boring Device ### Are you looking for amazing Cool HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds to spicy up your device? Or just looking for a cool way to pimp up your gadget with Cool HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds? Well look no further because this app will provide you with the best themed Cool HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds you need. Features: ● Compatible with latest iOS ● Wallpapers made to fit on both home screen & lock screen ● User friendly interface ● Qui...
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* FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS * • 600+ Stickers in different categories • 500+ Emoji words and pictures templates • 35+ Cool Fonts • Favorite access • Quick send via iMessage, Whatsapp, Instagram, Email, Facebook, Twitter... • Emoji Enabler • 2 Creation Tools to create your own templates ========================= • Over 600 Cool Stickers in different styles: Fun, Love, Gesture, Mood... • Over 500 Emojis Words in ASCII Art styles to say Hello, LOL, Love Me... • Over 500 Emoji Pictures which are Emojis specially composed to be pictures. ...
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