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[ 教育 ]
Explore the brain from the palm of your hand! Learn about the structure and function of the human brain by interacting with high-resolution rotatable 3D models in real-time like you've never seen it before! Brain Tutor HD uses rendered head and brain models as well as fiber tracts that were created from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans of a study volunteer. The MRI data allows to look "inside" the brain using real-time slicing at millimeter resolution. For students, cognitive neuroscientists, medical professionals and everyo...
[ ヘルスケア/フィットネス ]
Brain.fm provides music designed for the brain (generated by an AI we've invented) to improve focus, meditation, relaxation, naps & sleep within 15 minutes of use. FEATURES • Improve focus, relaxation, sleep, naps or meditation within 15 minutes of use. • Music designed for the brain, we combine auditory neuroscience with music. • Brain.fm's music is generated by an AI we've built from the ground up. • Free access to brain.fm for the first 5 sessions. • Download sessions for offline use. • and more! REVIEWS "I started using ...
[ ゲーム ]
『Burly Men at Sea』は、たくましいヒゲの漁師3兄弟がふとしたはずみでのりだした大冒険を、民話風の語り口でえがくゲームです。 20世紀初頭のスカンジナビアの海を舞台に、ストーリーはいくつにも枝分かれしながら展開し、伝説の生きものも登場します。プレイヤーは冒険者として、またその語り部として、3人のちょっぴりぶきっちょなヒーローたちの冒険物語を紡いでいくことになります。1つの物語が完成したら、もう一度航海に出かけてみましょう。前の冒険で選ばなかった道を見つければ、新たな別の冒険が待っています。 2016年のSXSWではGamer's Voice Awardにノミネート...
[ ゲーム ]
2014 SXSW Gamer's Voice Award にノミネート、および 2014 PAX East Indie MEGABOOTH に選出! Doggins は、夢見るテリヤ犬と片メガネをかけた悪者のリスが繰りひろげる知恵比べを追跡する和やかムードのアドベンチャーゲームです。プレイヤーは、人類の発明の歴史を覆すため陰謀を解き明かしながら、月の上を探検しパズルを解いていきます! ストーリー Doggins は果てしなくつづく平凡な家の間のごく平凡な家に住んでいます。彼は背が高いけれど平凡な窓の下の平凡なベッドで眠ります。毎晩、彼は冒険する夢を見ます。その夜は特別で、Doggins が月に到着したことで、極悪...
[ メディカル ]
Remember The Shapes is a fun brain and memory game for kids and adults. Play this free classic of "Simon Says" and have fun testing your memory. Train your memory and brain by following the pattern of lights and repeat the same combination to move on to the next level. It starts off easy but it won’t be long before you’re questioning your memory and struggling to remember the pattern. Rack up high scores, improve your memory and enjoy this classic game as well as improving your brain and memory function. Play this brain game d...
[ メディカル ]
Hello Brain delivers you scientifically designed exercises ‘Brain Buffs’ to help your brain stay fit and healthy. We can shape our brains by the actions we choose to do and even by the way we think and approach life. Take the Hello Brain Challenge – do one thing every day that’s good for your brain. The free Hello Brain app provides daily suggestions and support during your first 100 days The App has been reviewed by the medical journal The Lancet Neurology http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/S1474-4422(14)70235-2 FEATURES - Daily ‘Bra...
[ 仕事効率化 ]
L’app BRAIN Motorsport ti permette di misurare, migliorare e condividere le tue avventure in moto, auto, go-kart e motocross. Connetti il tuo dispositivo BRAIN dose ed entra in un’esperienza completa di guida. Scarica l’app per analizzare tutti i dati delle tue performance (velocità, accelerazione, traiettoria, angolo di piega, tempo su giro,...), creare sfide o eventi con i tuoi amici, controllare i progressi e molto altro. Guarda le tue classifiche e i tuoi record personali, migliora e preparati per la prossima sfida! Quando s...
[ ゲーム ]
Brain Shots "Sing!" is a singing party game with a twist. To get started, ALL players need to download the app to play (minimum 2-8 players). All phones sync through bluetooth or wifi. After the game is launched, one player must choose to be Host and up to seven players can join. The Host will pick the word pack and start the game. Every player gets to choose their "Brain" shot, a non alcoholic drink or food item from three categories. (DRINKER, THINKER or KITCHEN SINKER) Each round features a word and every player gets...
[ スポーツ ]
Legendary Batsman AB DE VILLIERS combined forces with World Renowned KOBUS NEETHLING to develop the ultimate WHOLE BRAIN CRICKET PROFILE instrument through which you can determine your own cricket brain profile and compare that with AB DE VILLIERS’ brain profile AND explore tips on how to significantly IMPROVE your thinking patterns to take your game and team to the NEXT LEVEL.
[ 教育 ]
Do you have an exercise or problem that really challenges you? Do you need to hand that work in on time, but you have no idea how? Mr Brain is an app that lets you send your homework to a team of professionals who will return it to you solved. It's fast, easy and cheap. Select your academic level from Junior, Senior or Plus challenges, then select the language you want us to help you in and upload a photo or file of your exercise. You can track the status of your challenge via the chat function, where you will be put into contact...
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