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Anatomical Charts and Patient Education Books for your iPad. The initial purchase of the Body Scientific Charts and Books app INCLUDES 5 charts and 1 book preinstalled at no additional charge : Charts (included): - BS052 Electrotherapy for physical therapy. - BS100 The Heart - BS316 The Lungs and Asthma - BS335 The Anatomical Alphabet - BS351 Understanding Sudden Cardiac Arrest Book (included): - BS6811 Understanding the Common Cold View a thumbnail directory of over 70 charts and 16 patient books. Click on a thumbnail that y...
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体の中がどうなっているか、見てみたいと思いませんか? 体の中で何が行われているか、知りたいと思いませんか? 「インクレディブル・ボディ」アプリなら、体の中を簡単に探検することができるんです。 このアプリケーションは英語です。 * 骨格、筋肉、臓器、神経、血管の内部をズームしてみましょう。それぞれがどこにあって、どのような働きをしているかが学べます * 血液はどのように流れるのか、脳とはどのように情報がやりとりされるのか、食べたものはどのように消化されるのかが、アニメーションを使ってわかりやすく表示されます。アニメーションは止めたり動かした...
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Lynne Robinson's much awaited first Pilates App! With over 25 books and DVDs sold in more than 30 countries, Lynne is firmly established as one of the world's most respected and well-known Pilates experts. She is the co-founder of Body Control Pilates, which has grown to become Europe's largest professional Pilates membership body with almost 1,400 teaching members. Pilates has never been more popular or more relevant to today's busy lifestyle, whether at work, playing sport or relaxing – and Lynne's App makes it more accessible t...
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*****Anatomy & Functionは多数の相互作用型プレゼンテーションを提供し、これによって生体構造および基本的な人体機能について考察することができます。 *****このアプリケーションには、ユーザーによる考察のために、更に生体構造、生理学的過程について患者あるいは同業者と理解し合うために、アニメーション、イラストおよび3Dモデルが利用されています。 *****コンテンツは、一般的な機能、更に人体組織によって体系化されています。更に、特注方式かつお気に入りの画像リストを作成するために、確固たる検索機能ならびにオプションが備えられています。 *****3Dモデルの回...
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This app is for promotional purposes and to be used with a unique username and password only. Usernames and passwords are provided only through special promotions and are not sold separately. Explore the reproductive and pelvic anatomy with fully interactive and highly detailed 3D models. The Male & Female Pelvic Anatomy for AMS application contains the entire human reproductive system, including dissectible models with related vasculature and musculature. This application features a Show section, Pathologies section, Product Gall...
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Build your Fit Body! Fit Body with Anna Victoria now has three new workout programs so you can follow custom workouts according to your fitness goal! Shred! At home workouts designed to help you shed fat and lean down. No workout equipment needed! Tone! At home or gym dumbbell based workouts designed to help you tone up and gain strength. Sculpt! Gym workouts designed to help you sculpt your fit body! - Workouts only 30-60 minutes a day! - Home or Gym Based workouts - Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced Levels - Calculate your ...
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Dit is de officiële app van Personal Body Plan. Als je een abonnement hebt bij Personal Body Plan heb je met deze app alles altijd en overal bij de hand. Kortom je Personal Coach in je broekzak! Wat is Personal Body Plan? Personal Body Plan is 'Jouw Online Personal Trainer, Lifestyle Coach en Voedingsdeskundige in één, waar je 24/7 toegang tot hebt'. Met Personal Body Plan krijg je een op maat gemaakt plan, gebaseerd op de vier kernelementen gedrag, voeding, training en herstel. Bij de uitvoering van je Personal Body Plan krijg...
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Imagine being able to see your pics through the lens of one of the World’s Best Fragrances. With ScentSnap by Bath & Body Works, you can do just that. Get inspired & let your imagination run wild! Snap a pic, apply one of our Signature Collection fragrance-inspired filters, then share with your friends! With 20 fun filters to choose from, the perfect scent-spiration for your photos is just a snap away. FEATURES: • 20 unique photo filters, inspired by the World’s Best Fragrances of the Bath & Body Works Signature Collection • Ins...
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BODY BODY gym 健身訓練教室,有最專業的教練團隊和舒適隱密的空間,我們根據不同體能,提供量身打造的一對一訓練課程。 本應用程式為 BODY BODY gym 專屬行動應用程式,提供各項便利功能供下載使用。 【功能】 ● 品牌介紹 ● 尋找我們 ● 課程項目 ● 最新消息 ● 設備介紹 ● 運動新知 ● 線上預約 ● 會員專屬 ● 官方臉書 ● 成果展示 ● 影音連結 ● 線上問卷 ● 分享下載 ● 客服專區 【備註】 ● 本應用程式操作裝置為 Apple iPhone 4 以上,iOS 5.0 以上版本。 ● 蘋果公司非活動贊助商,且未以任何形式參予活動。(Apple Inc. is not a sponsor of or involved with this sweeps...
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Join Brooke Burke, celebrity health and wellness guru, on a digital fitness journey to transform your body, one bite size burn at a time! Brooke Burke Body is an effective, easy to follow, high quality work out in bite-sized increments. If you want flat sexy abs, lean toned legs or a whole body make-over, this fitness program is for you! Brooke invites you into her intimate world of optimal living, where she will coach you on how to get and maintain a bikini body year round. Her proven fitness programs for lifting, sculpting and t...
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