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App e widget ufficiale di Meteo Alto Adige a cura del Servizio Meteorologico della Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano. Disponibili tutti i contenuti presenti sul sito www.provincia.bz.it/meteo ma anche nuove funzioni, come la segnalazione in tempo reale tramite notifiche push di temporali in tutti i comuni della provincia. La App è inoltre collegata al sistema informativo della Protezione Civile provinciale per le segnalazioni di gravi calamità o catastrofi naturali. Panoramica dei contenuti: - Previsioni meteo approfondite per tutta ...
[ 辞書/辞典/その他 ]
Palo Alto Ready provides information for iOS users to use to learn about emergency options before, during, and after a City of Palo Alto community emergency. Content is installed on the device so that connectivity is not required. This is helpful in the event of a significant emergency where telecommunications are not available and access to content in the app is desired. As necessary, new content will be made available to the app. The app should be considered supplemental to all other priority services such as 911, Fire Service, F...
[ ユーティリティ ]
The Palo Alto Police Department is proud to present our free mobile application to give you access to the latest alerts, news, crime maps, photos and videos. It integrates with our Twitter account and Facebook page, and you can also use it to submit a crime tip to us. Get accurate, timely information about crime directly from us, and keep up-to-date with what’s going on in our community. The application has the following features: · Alerts: receive push notifications to your phone about critical public safety incident...
[ ゲーム ]
穏やかなアイボリーの雪が静かな山村に広がって、冒険の約束に満ちています。 Alto とその友達と一緒に終わりのないスノーボードの冒険に出よう。旅は美しいアルプスの丘や、古代からの森林、廃虚などを横断します。 冒険の途中、脱走したラマを救出したり、屋根にグラインドしたり、恐ろしい亀裂を飛び越えたり、山の長老達を出し抜いたりと ー 山中での絶えず変化する状況と時間の経過に果敢に挑みます。 機能: • 流れるような優雅かつ爽快な物理学ベースのゲームプレイ。 • リアルワールドのスノーボーディングをベースにして生成された地形データ。 • 雷雨、吹雪、霧、...
[ 仕事効率化 ]
Control. It’s not just for Janet Jackson anymore. Alto hands you back the reigns to your inbox. Want to see all your file attachments, flight schedules or photos organized and in one place? No problem, Alto does it automatically for you. Want real-time alerts about package deliveries or flight changes? Rest easy. Alto’s got you covered. Download Alto for free and say goodbye to digging through tons of email for that one message. No more losing track of order confirmations or flight updates. No more excuses for being late when yo...
[ ビジネス ]
iOS 向け GlobalProtect は Palo Alto Networks 次世代ファイアウォール上の GlobalProtect ゲートウェイに接続することで、モバイル ユーザが企業のセキュリティ保護のメリットを得られるようにします。このアプリケーションはエンドユーザの居場所に自動的に対応して最適なゲートウェイに接続するため、ユーザ側の労力を必要とせず最高のパフォーマンスを提供できます。これによってユーザは、従来のオフィス以外の場所で安全かつ効率的に作業を行えます。 このアプリケーションをインストールする前に、ファイアウォールに GlobalProtect ゲートウェイライセンスが備わって...
[ ミュージック ]
This is the ultimate instruments guide for musicians, composers, songwriters, conductors, students and educators. It includes the registers, transpositions, playability, and sound characteristics of dozens of instruments. This thorough and accurate app is the result of months of research and consulting with musicians, and will continue to be expanded with regular updates. With this app, you can: - Explore by family, alphabetically, or by score order - See registers highlighted by difficulty and timbre - Transpose with a simple tap...
[ フード/ドリンク ]
IL PALO ALTO CAFE’, lounge bar per eccellenza, giovane ed elegante, inaugura nel luglio 2012, il nuovo dehor con un aperitivo accompagnato da un esclusivo royal buffet. 
La svariata scelta nel rinfresco è strutturata in modo tale da far conoscere anche a chi non ha mai avuto l'occasione, la cucina di questo rinomato pub. Rende l'atmosfera esclusiva l’accoglienza cordiale e il servizio al cliente, che rimangono le priorità dello staff.

 Le serate estive sono spesso accompagnate da musica live con un duo jazz e un dj set con musi...
[ ミュージック ]
Practice your alto sight reading skills. Are you playing an instrument? Do you want to improve your sheet music reading skills? This app is specifically designed for those who would like to practice their alto and tenor clef skills. Whether you're playing the violin, the viola, trombone, oboe, horn, bassoon, cello, or a recorder you'll want to practice your alto and tenor sight reading skills to improve the speed at which you're able to recognize and play the sheet music notes. This app is an ideal tool to improve your skills....
[ 教育 ]
The Palo Alto Networks Class Locator is a mobile application to quickly and easily find the latest Palo Alto Networks Firewall training, offered by Fast Lane. With this application, Fast Lane customers are able to search all Palo Alto Networks courses offered worldwide and book courses directly from their phones. You can also find special offers, videos and more. Fast Lane is a worldwide provider of advanced IT training and consulting with subsidiaries in all regions. We deliver vendor-authorized courses from leading technology ve...
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