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Me apps contain bite-sized Coaching Meditations that target your specific goal. Need to sleep better? Me sleep will relax your body and mind, guiding you to a deep, peaceful and uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Sleep meditation app:
Our Coaching Meditations unite the best of science with soul to offer you a new and proven tool to getting a good night’s sleep as quickly and easily as possible with three different options for your busy, really busy and crazy busy days!

How to get to sleep fast:
In 5 minutes let your body relax so that it gives itself permission to fall into a restful and sleepy state.

Get a better nights sleep:
Spend 10 minutes quieting your mind and releasing any tension that is preventing you from falling asleep.

Peaceful sleep is now effortless:
Our 20 minute Coaching Meditation will automatically and effortlessly change the negative habits and thought patterns that are holding you back from a good night’s sleep.

Change your life with ME System:
If you are ready to continue improving all areas of your life you can download our FREE me system pro app or purchase the me clock for your bedside, which both have over 45 hours of content and 12 exclusive programs:

-me calm
-me change
-me confident
-me energy
-me fit
-me happy
-me love
-me quit
-me rich
-me sleep
-me smart
-me thin

Visit for more information.

The best part of our day is hearing about a great me app experience so please do get in touch. We are an ego-less company here so always welcome any suggestions you may have about how we can improve what we do.

E-mail us at or tweet @me_system

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