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ME System Pro App – Achieve your goals with mindfulness exercises, Coaching Meditations and mind training.

Description: Do you need to de-stress, lose weight or sleep better? Or maybe you want to make more money or find the love of your life? After 10 years of research, the ME System Pro App offers you the fastest and easiest way to get where you want to go.

Celebrities, sportsmen and business leaders have been using the ME System approach to enhance and transform their lives. It can help:

-boost your mood
-get a great night’s sleep
-increase energy and productivity levels
-change your thinking and beliefs
-attract every opportunity to success
… and much more

Your conscious and subconscious will be cleared of self-sabotaging thoughts and beliefs and replaced with those that help you get up and move towards your life goal.

Comes free with:

-Total Acceptance – discover the power of accepting what is in reaching a state of calm and opening yourself up to change
-70 minutes of mindfulness exercises, Coaching Meditations and mind training
-3 sleep tracks for a restful night’s sleep
-5 energizing music tracks
-6 relaxing nature background tracks

ME System Pro is free to download and use with all of the above features. If there is a specific area of your life you would like to improve, there are 12 exclusive programs available to purchase:

-me calm
-me change
-me confident
-me energy
-me fit
-me happy
-me love
-me quit
-me rich
-me sleep
-me smart
-me thin

Each full program is available for $4.99 and contains up to 4 hours of mindfulness exercises, Coaching Meditations and mind training. Each program has three areas of change that are available to download individually for $1.99.

Need help with the app? E-mail us at or tweet @me_system

+ Built for iOS7
+ Added Pintrest & Instagram to social page
+ All Lifestyle products are now free!
+ Updated user guide
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