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2014 Dubya parts catalog featuring Motorcycle Wheels, Chains, Sprockets, and Brake Kits.

Based in Southern California, Dubya USA was founded by Kristin White Anderson to be your number one source for all things wheel. The daughter of White Brothers owner/founder Tom White, Kristin named Dubya as a play off the letter “W” found in the family name.

Another member of the Dubya Team John Anderson, himself a White Brothers employee for nearly 20 years, brings decades of experience with professional-grade wheel components to the table. Their experience, combined with Dubya’s status as the exclusive distributor of high quality components like Talon Hubs and Sprockets and Kite Performance Products makes Dubya the ideal source to satisfy your or your customers’ needs.

All Dubya USA wheelsets begin with a Talon or Kite hub, which are then laced to your choice of D.I.D or Excel rims using ultra-strong Bull Dog, Buchanan or Kite spokes by our skilled staff. Our wheelsets have been tested by top athletes in everything from supercross to supermoto, and have proven time and again that they are the best in the business. We offer one day turnaround on all wheelset orders, even on custom jobs!

In addition to our pre-made and custom wheelsets, Dubya also distributes Talon Groovelite sprockets and footpegs, Kite footpegs, triple clamps and axle blocks, Galfer USA’s complete line of off-road brake components and kits, and stock wheel lacing services.

Call us at (714) 279-0200 for more information about products and specials, or find us on facebook at www.facebook.com/dubyausa or on twitter at www.twitter.com/dubyausa

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