AFL Mastermind HD 2012

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開発者Stratagem Sports
リリース日2012-02-15 17:00:00
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互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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Australia's #1 Sports app is now available in a special HD edition for iPad.

AFL Mastermind, Australia’s best-selling and favourite sports app is back bigger and better for season 2012.

All new questions… All new features… All new excitement !!

New features for 2012:
• 600 great new questions
• 5 difficulty levels to challenge the novice thru to the mastermind
• Choose to play longer matches
• Attacking and defensive match strategies
• Fantastic new hi-res screen designs (check-out the screenshots below)
• Hall of Fame for all your statistics
• Choose from 35 different topics
• Now with 5 different questions types

Do you have what it takes to win the premiership cup, find out in this highly addictive footy trivia game.

AFL Mastermind is a unique app like no other sports trivia game. Not only challenge your Aussie Rules smarts, but do so while experiencing the excitement of playing matches as your favourite team.

With over 1,200 quality questions and many options to customise your gaming experience, you’ll become addicted in striving to progress thru a finals campaign to bring home premiership glory.

Play the game alone or share with family and friends. AFL Mastermind is the perfect entertainment for the half time break.

AFL Mastermind 2012 scores a goal for being the best and most original sports app to hit the App Store!

Game Features:

• Over 1,200 questions included (600 new for the 2012 edition)
• Play as any one of the 18 AFL teams
• 5 different question modes
• 5 difficulty level settings from Auskick thru to Legend
• Progress thru the finals and strive to reach the grand final for a chance at ultimate glory
• Option to select length of matches
• Attacking and defensive match strategies
• With each round of the finals the opposition gets tougher to beat
• 35 topics to choose from
• Hall of Fame for all your detailed results and statistics
• Real Aussie Rules sounds
• Auto save feature to continue your game

- Question corrections
- Added additional 'Odd One Out' questions
- Fixed potential memory leak bug
- Removed player images from screen backgrounds
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更新日時:2019年6月18日 03時39分




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