Decoding Chart - Levels

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Center for Innovation in Education
Decoding Chart - Levels


The ninth of the fourteen apps that comprise the Baratta-Lorton Reading Program.

The Reading Program is a reading and writing curriculum for beginning readers and any child who has already experienced difficulty in learning to read.

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Background for the fourteen apps
The Baratta-Lorton Reading Program also known as Dekodiphukan (pronounced decode if you can) was developed by the Center for Innovation in Education whose many other offerings include Mathematics Their Way, the first non-traditional math curriculum adopted in by the State of California.

Dekodiphukan has been in use in classrooms across the United States and Canada since 1985. The Program has been used to teach thousands of children to read and to write regardless of background or supposed lack of reading readiness.

To date, no child using the program in a classroom setting has ever failed to learn to read or to write.

This Dekodiphukan reading and writing curriculum is now a series of fourteen apps plus a parent-guide for the iPad that, within a period of six months to a year (or occasionally a bit longer for some special needs children), will enable every child using it to read and to write. Reading with enjoyment. Writing creatively.

Decoding Chart - LEVELS
The ninth of the Fourteen Apps

The Decoding Chart converts words written in sounds to words written in letters.  It is the vehicle for transitioning the child from sounds to letters.  Its use is introduced once the child can comfortably read and write phrases.
The Chart contains the pictures of all forty-four sounds arranged in the same rows and in the same order within each row as they are in the Stamping app.  Beneath each sound picture are various ways that sound may be spelled.  The spellings listed beneath each sound appear in order of frequency of occurrence in the words which beginning readers are most likely to encounter.

Each of the spellings that appear beneath the sound pictures are color coded.  The first spelling of each sound is coded white.  If a second spelling is listed, it is coded yellow.  Third spellings are red, fourth spellings are blue, fifth are green, sixth are brown, and seventh are purple.  The color codings indicate to the child which spelling is to be used to write the letters for a word.
The Decoding Chart does not contain all possible spellings for each sound.  It does, however, contain the spellings that appear in ninety-five to ninety-eight percent of the words the child will encounter while learning to read and write.
A parent guide to how to use the Decoding Chart is included in The Guide instructions for the Writing Worksheets.
Two Apps and the Decoding Chart Download
Chart – Levels
The Decoding Chart-Levels app displays the chart in five different levels, each level matching one of the five levels of the Reading Program.
Chart - Flip
The Decoding Chart-Flip app displays half the chart on one side and half on the other side of a flip view.

While the Decoding Chart is available in two app formats and moving between apps is possible with a double-click of the Home button on the iPad, the double-clicking process may not be easily managed by the child.
A more child-accessible version of the Decoding Chart can be downloaded from the Center’s website and printed out.
Decoding Chart
Converts words in sounds to words in letters
Introduced once the child can comfortably read phrases
Available in two different app forms
Also downloadable from the Center’s website
Instructions for its use are included in The Guide’s Writing Worksheet instructions

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