Okinawa Travel Guide 2012

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== The Complete Guide to Okinawa, Japan - fully updated for 2012 ==

Okinawa is a Japanese Jewel in the East China Sea. A variety of driving and walking tours allows you to custom make your Okinawan experience whether you are staying for a weekend, a week or longer. The tours include attractions, places to eat, shop and stay along the planned routes, taking the headache out of planning.

-- Why Get This App? --

✔ Visit many little known features as well as all the well known places.
✔ This app will save you time and frustration and will guide you step by step on the holiday of a lifetime.
✔ Japanese and Okinawan addresses are notoriously hard to understand with no street names and seemingly random numbers used to denote buildings. This guide has offline maps which will lead you to the exact location without worrying about street signs or addresses.

-- Inside This App --

✔ Walking and shopping tours in popular areas of Naha City and Chatan.
✔ A variety of suggested road trips covering the whole island and designed to encourage visitors to see more of what Okinawa has to offer.
✔ Information on car hire and climate.
✔ Insider tips of over 100 places to see, eat, shop and sleep.
✔ Advice on various activities and tours to take part in.
✔ The best hotels & restaurants as well as nightlife and entertainment options

-- Stylish and Feature-Packed --

✔ Works completely offline: No internet connection required, no roaming charges for you
✔ Comes with fully interactive, GPS-enabled OFFLINE MAPS
✔ AUGMENTED REALITY lets you recognize and identify places nearby
✔ Detailed information on opening hours, prices, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses
✔ Honest reviews and independent advice. No marketing blah blah or crowd-sourced content
✔ Inspiring gallery with stunning photos
✔ Stylish and easy to use

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-- About the Author --

Penny van Heerden first arrived in Okinawa in 1996 with Emile, who she married in a Shinto shrine that year. The couple came to Okinawa to study the Okinawan martial art, Kobudo and had intended to stay a year. However, Okinawa had them hooked and they ended up staying 5 years. They left Okinawa but returned 4 years later and have remained there ever since. Penny is able to bring her unique perspective, as both an outsider and long-term resident, to this app. She is able to recommend both popular tourist attractions and places frequented mainly by locals.

-- About GuideGecko --

This guide is brought to you by GuideGecko.

We publish worldwide travel guides - and we love to hear your feedback. Please send your comments, questions and suggestions to Our guides are independently researched and written by professional travel writers.

You read 'til here? Now enjoy your trip. Get this app!

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