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Auditing & Attestation CPA Exam Questions with Rationales!

This is a standalone AUD Exam Question App for the Computer-Based CPAexcel CPA Review Course. This App allows all students preparing for the CPA Exam to access exam prep CPA Exam question content on-the-go.

You do not need to be a registered CPAexcel student to use this app. All users have access to all 1000+ Auditing & Attestation Exam Questions within this app.

To become a registered CPAexcel student, visit

IMPORTANT : If you are a registered CPAexcel student with a username and password, please see our other FREE CPAexcel Mobile Companion App to access all of your mobile exam prep materials.

This application, built for all CPA Exam prep students, enables you to drill and master CPA Exam Questions anywhere, anytime! Turn your down time into productive time with this powerful CPA Exam Prep Mobile App. Use your phone to master more study content. Drill with more than 1000+ multiple choice questions complete with answers and rationales!

All Users Can Access:
- AICPA Released CPA Exam Questions with Answers and Rationales
- 1000+ Exam Questions with Complete Explanations
- Search or Browse by Lesson or Topic
- Tag Questions for Later Use

Professor Donald E. Tidrick — Ph.D., CPA, CMA, CIA
Professor Dan Stone — Ph.D., CPA, MPA
Professor Pam Smith — Ph.D., CPA, MBA
Professor Robert A. Prentice — J.D.
Professor Marianne M. Jennings — J.D.
Professor Janet D. Gillespie — Ph.D.
Professor Donald R. Deis Jr. — Ph.D., CPA, CFE
Professor Charles J. Davis — Ph.D., CPA
Professor B. Douglas Clinton — Ph.D., CPA, CMA
Professor Greg Carnes — Ph.D., CPA
Professor Allen H. Bizzell — Ph.D., CPA

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