Faces in the Music Family

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faces® is the fastest note recognition tool in the music industry. It is an innovative pedagogy
tool developed for teaching note reading on the Grand Staff. faces® is a Supplemental Tool
that can be used with any Music Method Book. It was designed for teachers, students and
parents (with no prior musical knowledge) to teach their children the ABC’s of music. faces®
addresses the needs of the visual, auditory, tactile and kinetic learner.


• The faces® concept chunks notes into two patterns consistent with the findings of psychologists and linguists that state “chunking” is a technique of grouping information so it can be easily understood.
• faces® builds a "strong musical foundation" by starting with F1 (four Ledger Lines below the Bass Staff) instead of starting with Middle C.
• This Concept focuses on two patterns that are repeated six times across the piano keyboard.
• Patterns are intervals (distance from one note to another) of a third. Intervals of a third are written line to line and space to space which are identified as skips on the keyboard.
• An Interval of a second connects the family of faces; the entire family is connected across the Grand Staff and across the keyboard.
• Male members are located in the Bass Staff; female members are in the Treble Staff.
• faces® is color-coded and parallels with the structure of the family.


On the 88-note keyboard, throw away the first five notes on the left and the last five notes on the right. There are six groups remaining (F1 – F6) that are paralleled w/ the structure of the family. In the Bass Staff are the male family members and in the Treble Staff are the female family members.

With faces®, you'll see how much easier chunking notes on the Grand Staff can be as opposed to the traditional method of starting w/ Middle C. There are three different categories in the faces® App; touch the Basics Tab to begin this revolutionary new concept.

Basics Tab
Faces® Tab
Music Quiz Tab

• Basics Tab – Includes essential facts needed to begin the faces® concept. Touch the Bass
Clef, Treble Clef or any other place on the screen to access Basic information. Touch the eighth
note in the right hand corner to access the Keyboard (hear the face notes “only”).

• Faces® Tab – Find the “Chunks” of cards for each family member; these "chunks" of cards are intervals of a third which alternate line – space and space- line across the entire Keyboard & Grand Staff. The family members are connected across the keyboard and staff by the interval of a second.

• Music Quiz Tab - The Quiz includes a summary of questions which include information presented in the Basics category and the Faces category. A Certificate is presented each time 100% is received on the Quiz.

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