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CourtAlert CaseToGo is a complimentary application for CourtAlert® Case Management and ECF Interface (“CourtAlert CM/ECF”), an advanced case management and docketing software used by large law firms.

The application allows users to download the Case information, including docket text, diaries and related PDF files, from their company’s internal network onto an iPad. The iPad can be used to display the information in a user friendly manner. This can be used, for example, to create a “Litigation Binder” which includes some or all of the dockets, the docket’s dead-lines (“Diaries”) and the related PDF files. This information can be viewed on the iPad anytime and deleted when no longer required. 

Users with “Case-to-Go for iPad” enabled can export the selected dockets and their PDF files for a case with a single click. The exported file can be downloaded to the iPad via iTunes in as fast as a few seconds. After the case is downloaded, it is imported to the application and becomes ready to go for the users.


CourtAlert CM/ECF is an advanced case management and docketing software used by large law firms. The software includes a web based, inquiry-only module that allows attorneys and others in the firm to view dockets, due dates (“diaries”) and PDF files associated with dockets.

Process on CourtAlert CM/ECF inquiry module:

Users who have Case-to-Go option enabled in the installation can currently download selected dockets and their PDF files into a network directory that can be copied to a laptop. Such users will be able to specify that the download be formatted for the Case-To-Go iPad application.

The inquiry module will display a version of the docket sheet where the user can specify which dockets, if any, to exclude from the download. All other dockets are copied and prepared for download: case header information, docket text, diaries associated with dockets or the entire case, and the related PDF files. These files are extracted from a document management system such as Interwoven or the CourtAlert file repository.

After the new request is submitted, the system will automatically email the user a verification message with a link to the prepared data file. The email will also contain detailed instructions explaining how to load the file to the iPad via iTunes. For audit purposes, this email can also be copied to the firm’s Information Technology department to apply relevant data retention policies.

The prepared data file can be copied to the iPad via iTunes when the iPad is connected to the PC. Once copied, the CourtAlert iPad application can load the file and display the contents (Dockets, Diaries, and attached the PDF files). The contents are displayed in a well organized matter with an intuitive interface.

Various Features of the Application:

The main screen in the Case-To-Go iPad application contains a list of the imported cases available. Selected information is displayed for easy identification of the case: The main plaintiff, the main defendant, court and index number, client and matter number.

When a case is selected, a list of dockets is displayed. If the docket text is larger than the available space, pressing the right-arrow icon will display a window with the full text.
Deadlines (“Diaries”) associated with dockets and with the case are conveniently displayed. Diaries are deadlines of actions to be taken following the document that has been recorded on the docket.

The PDF files are displayed in a typical iPad user-friendly manner that allows for zooming, paging and other navigation control.

The onboard iPad storage can hold many cases, dockets, diaries and PDF files. However, cases that are no longer necessary can be removed by swiping a finger leftward on top of a case listed in the main case list.

Bug fix for application name and case import date display issue.

We thank you for your patience and support.
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