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This app has over 300 easy to follow video lessons on how to play the Electric Guitar including detailed lessons on how to play hundreds of songs!

Lessons are far too numerous to list but include:

How to Play the Electric Guitar How to Play Electric Guitar Power Chords
How to Play the Electric Guitar Basic Tips for Playing Electric Guitar Chords
How to Play the Electric Guitar The Parts of an Electric Guitar
How to Play the Electric Guitar How to Play Harmonics on the Electric Guitar
How to Play the Electric Guitar How to String an Electric Guitar
Kiss - Rock and Roll all Nite and Party Every Day - Rock Guitar Lesson - Les Paul
How to Play hallelujah on guitar - jeff buckley leonard cohen easy songs on guitar
Bryan adams summer of 69 guitar lesson
Guitar Lesson Satisfaction Rolling Stones
Electric lead guitar easy rock licks and riffs lesson
Bob Marley Jamming - Reggae Guitar Lesson
Johnny B Goode - Chuck Berry Songs Guitar Lesson ST-318 How to play
Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd 1of2 Songs Guitar Lesson ST-310 How to play
Riff 4 La Bamba - Ritchie Valens Songs Guitar Lesson RF-004 How to play
Johnny Cash - Hurt Guitar Lesson
Black or White - Michael Jackson Guitar Lesson
Elvis Presley - Heartbreak Hotel Guitar Lesson
Sultans Of Swing - Dire Straits 1of4 Songs Guitar Lesson ST-322 How to play
Beginner guitar rock power chord rhythms AC DC classic style
Guitar lesson Wild Thing
Rocking All Over The World By Status Quo - Rhythm Guitar Lesson
Honky Tonk Women 40th Anniversary The Rolling Stones
Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson Guitar Lesson
Guitar Lesson - You Give Love A Bad Name by Bon Jovi Tutorial - How To Play You Give Love A Bad Name
Sex On Fire Guitar Lesson the main riffs
GUITAR LESSON how to play Bon Jovi Wanted Dead Or Alive Intro
Top Ten Easiest Guitar Riffs 710 - You Really Got Me The Kinks Easy Guitar Lesson
You Really Got Me lesson - The Kinks
Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd 1of4 Songs Guitar Lesson ST-301 How to play
Eurythmics When Tomorrow Comes Guitar Lesson by Siggi Mertens
Buddy Holly-Oh BoyRythm Guitar Cover
Billy Ray Cyrus - Achy Breaky Heart Guitar Cover By Urankar3
Credence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising Guitar CoverSoloBy Urankar3
The Wanderer - Status Quo Rick Parfitt guitar cover
Beatles Guitar Lesson - How to play - Get Back - free online guitar lessons
BEATLES - A HARD DAYS NIGHT - How to Play - Free Online Guitar Lessons With Tabs
Still Got The Blues - Guitar Lesson
Boom Boom - guitar lesson
21 Guns by Green Day - Easy Acoustic Electric Guitar Lesson
You Really Got Me - The Kinks Songs Guitar Lesson ST-617 How to play
Arlen Roth House of The Rising Sun Hot Licks
House of The Rising Sun - guitar lesson
THE VENTURES The house of the rising sunGuitar
How to play Wake Me Up When September Ends full lesson and tabs
Amazing Grace - guitar instrumental by KeWee
How to Play Black Dog by Led Zepplin on Guitar
How to play Rock You Like a Hurricane by the Scorpions on Guitar
Kings of Leon - Use Somebody - How to Play Easy Songs on Guitar - Acoustic Guitar Lesson
Guitar solo My Sharona by Anderete - The Knack
The Basement - Demo of Vox Pathfinder 15R with Telecaster
The Cars - My Best Friends Girl
The Cars - Magic video full version
Moving In Stereo - Guitar Cover
Just What I Needed - The Cars
Just What the Doctor Ordered - Ted Nugent
Rock Roll Video Riffs 1964 to 1975
Charity Guitar Lesson - Highway to Hell - ACDC
Black Velvet Alannah Myles Guitar Lesson by Siggi Mertens
Classic Guitar Riffs - Guitar Lesson - Rebel Rebel by David Bowie - How to Play
Learn Electric Guitar Lessons - How to play Sweet Home Alabama - Easy Guitar Riffs
Playing Guitar Hero III Songs on Electric Guitar How to Play Rock Roll All Night by Kiss

and literally hundreds more!

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