Mind Chi

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"8 minutes a day is all it takes to open up a world of superior mental performance."

The simple and effective 8-minute Mind Chi Basic routine is now at your fingertips with Mind Chi, the app!

This app handles the critical tasks of reminding you what to do for each step, and gently letting you know when each minute is over. Now your only barrier to making Mind Chi a habit is a commitment to launch the app just once a day. (Hint: just after waking or just before bed are both great times for Mind Chi!)

*** About Mind Chi Basic ***
Mind Chi Basic is an 8-minute awareness routine designed by Vanda North and Richard Israel to fit into even the busiest of schedules. Each minute focuses on a single, intentional contemplation exercise, with the full 8 steps taking you on a journey from stress to control.

*** About Mind Chi, the App ***
Designed specifically to remove the barriers of memorization and time tracking that often accompany attempts to acquire new habits, the Mind Chi app offers these key features:

• Follow concise, clear instructions presented (optionally) at the beginning of each minute.
• Start each minute with a single tap, then put your iOS device out of sight and out of mind.
• A pleasant Tibetan bowl rings out to indicate the end of each step.
• Swipe back and forth through the steps as needed.

*** Last Word ***
Mind Chi can be used as is, without ever purchasing the book. That said, the Mind Chi Basic routine provides only a fraction of the insights and activities on offer in the book. If you don't already own a copy, you can purchase right on your iPhone by tapping the book cover on the app's Credits page.

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