Motion Activated Video Recorder

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開発者Jellyfilled Studios
リリース日2010-11-24 04:21:54
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互換性iOS 4.1以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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** Please read the Notices at the end of this description **

Motion Activated Audio and Video Recorder works with iPhone and iTouch.

We used it to catch which one of our dogs was stealing treats from the kitchen counter. See the sample video here:

Automatically starts audio and video recording when it detects any movement within view of the camera. Recording will continue until about 10 seconds after motion has stopped.

A Time stamp is placed on every frame of the video recording.

All recordings are stored with the application and will automatically delete after 5 days. Clips you want to keep can be combined together and moved to your iOS Photo Library in a video format that can be sync'd to your computer or shared via SMS.

Run in stealth mode with a clock view or in standard mode with a notice displayed informing anyone within view that audio and video surveillance is active.

Warning: Do not to use this application for any illegal purpose. If not used correctly, covert cameras and audio recording devices may violate the privacy rights of others. This product is for home/personal use and not intended for professional surveillance or spying.

** Notices:
After seeing one comment where a user states the app doesn't work, I thought it should be clarified that the app does work extremely well. However, if you place it in an area with constant lighting changes, those changes in light will appear to the application as motion. Since it uses the camera to detect motion, it is looking for changes in the camera view. Some examples of what may confuse the app and appear as motion are: A spinning fan, shadows from outside on a windy day, blinking lights, a T.V. or a computer monitor (especially with a screen saver). Also, placing it in an area with no lighting can be a problem since it must be able to see via the camera. The iPhone and iTouch cameras do see infrared light, so if you wanted to use this application in the dark it would work as long as you provide sufficient infrared lighting to the scene

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