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The Motion Doctor app for Physical Therapy is a powerful, easy to use reference and teaching tool for anyone who wants to prevent painful syndromes from developing. Created by Dr. Desirea D. Caucci, PT, DPT for the general public, Physical Therapists and their patients, Motion Doctor for iPad includes over 60 high quality videos with narrative and written text instructions, along with rationales for each exercise.

Motion Doctor for iPad allows you to filter exercises and stretches by body part, profession, sport or activity. Play golf or like to garden? This app will show you step by step how to perform the exercises and stretches that will prevent pain.

No internet connection needed after downloading and installing - all videos are "baked" into the app.

"Highly recommended for physical therapists and anyone who wishes to maintain injury-free activities no matter what their sport or occupation."

"The app’s overall interface design is pretty cool. It’s like having a diary with videos that you can watch instantly."

"Motion Doctor can be useful for putting together an exercise regimen that can help a healthy person stay that way"

"Great, professional video demos of each exercise or stretch with voice over instructions and information"

Motion Doctor Features:

• Instructions for 60 exercises and stretches for your entire body
• High-quality video demonstration for each technique. No internet connection required to watch.
• Each video includes a written text description with rationale for the exercise
• Each video includes corresponding audio instructions that describe the technique as it’s being performed.
• Save a list of your favorite routines and exercises.
• 18 Sports physical therapy routines such as baseball, boxing, football, golf, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, skiing and more.
• 7 Activities such as sitting, walking, driving and more.
• 10 body parts such as elbows, lower back, neck, shoulders, hands and more.
• Find a licensed Physical Therapy practice in the US, search by state, provided by PTPN.

If you want to keep your body in shape and prevent injuries, then this app is the perfect companion for you!

Physical Therapists: if you want to provide an enhanced home exercise program for your patients and/or teach them pain prevention exercises for their whole bodies, then Motion Doctor is for you.

About Dr. Caucci
Dr. Caucci has been named one of the top 3 Physical Therapists in the nation by Advance Magazine (2008) and has been honored as the national winner of the Dorland Health People Award for Physical Therapy (2010). She is the President of Conshohocken Physical Therapy, a private PT practice that has been voted the “Best Physical Therapy Practice in Montgomery County, PA,” for three consecutive years (2008, 2009 and 2010).

- General population
- Anyone interested in pain prevention, back pain, stretching, arthritis personal training
- Physical Therapists

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