Back Pain Relief from CORE Physical Therapy

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If you’re like 80 to 90 percent of American adults, at some point in your life you’ve had lower back pain. This is by far the most common chronic injury largely because most of us do not know
what exercises to do stabilize and support the lower back. Or maybe we’ve heard of some exercises but have no idea if we’re doing them correctly.

In this HD video app, two of the top
physical therapists in Washington, D.C. , demonstrate 7 exercises that are proven to help relieve back pain. Jeff Robinson and Hilary Granat treat a wide range of patients, from professional athletes to weekend warriors to totally sedentary desk jockeys. Jeff and Hilary see back pain patients every day and know how to get results!

After explaining the back, spine and surrounding muscles in plain English, this duo runs through the exercises efficiently, professionally and deliberately, breaking each move down into easy-to-follow instructions and demonstrations. The video even includes variations on each exercise for people of
varying fitness levels.

This isn’t snake oil: To get results, you have to do these exercises on a consistent basis. But the good news is you don’t have to do every exercise every day. In fact, if you have time for only one or two exercises a day you can still strengthen the key muscle that supports your lower back.

If you’re ready to be done with low back pain once and for all, this app will get you there.

Buy it, use it, love it and give us feedback so we can continue to bring you the best in HD video apps!

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