Bullseye Calculator

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開発者Property Works, Inc.
リリース日2010-11-29 06:38:30
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互換性iOS 3.1.3以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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LIMITED TIME INTRODUCTORY PRICING .... Unlike fixed key calculators, Bullseye was built from the ground up leveraging the capabilities of iOS devices to simplify the world of home improvement, remodeling, and construction calculations. Scrollable function modules coupled with a fixed keypad assist with solving the most common problems. The modular design provides for clear numeric, tabular and graphical results, configurable function settings and future expandability.

Other General Features include:

User selectable modules
Simple english/metric unit manipulation and conversion
Graphical verification
Tabular results accessed through screen double tap
Input and result value toggling
Instant in-app module help
User selectable color schemes and keypad popups
Module zoom view

Version 1.0 includes two fixed modules and six user selectable modules. Each function module can be turned on or off to fit the needs of individual users. Modules provide instant in-app help, unit and result toggling, module clearing, graphical confirmation, and tabular detail results. All function modules autosave values upon shutdown. Modules are also viewable in a zoomed format when rotated.

Fixed Modules:

Extended Functions (trig and other common functions)
Scratch Paper (side calculations with six storage memories)

User Selectable Modules:

Find Centers
Framing Layout
Roof Geometry
Stair Design
GEOMETRY/MATERIALS module allows the user to calculate perimeters, areas, volumes, etc. for the most common two and three-dimensional objects. Common material quantities such as drywall, carpet, tile or hardwood, paint and concrete are also computed when appropriate. Double tap the module screen to view input data, calculated values, and material quantities for more detail.

FIND CENTERS module provides for spacing of objects across a wall, floor or ceiling. Use this function for tasks such as pinpointing locations for hanging pictures or towel bars on a wall, recessed lights on a ceiling, or posts on a floor deck. Once an area is specified and the number of objects are defined, various spacing configurations can be used to locate the centerline and edges of each object.

FRAMING LAYOUT module allows the user to define a wall, floor or ceiling section to determine the framing lengths needed. By entering the width of the section and the height/length of each side to be framed, Bullseye computes the length of each framing member and its location based on the on-center spacing desired. This is especially helpful when the height/length of the section is not rectangular (e.g. rake walls).

FOUNDATION module calculates concrete, CMU and brick veneer quantities for a given building dimension. Concrete quantities for footings and poured walls are calculated once basic dimensions are supplied. CMU block and brick veneer quantity estimates are also provided.

ROOF GEOMETRY module provides for simple roof calculations based on the desired configuration. The geometry of two intersecting roofs can be defined along with basic rafter information. From these inputs the length of rafters can be calculated along with rafter cut lengths.

STAIR DESIGN module provides the ability to create a basic stair configuration to fit the required space. Stair dimensions can be driven by various combinations of known information such as rise, run, angle and riser height or tread depth.

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