Fighter Base HD

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開発者Santpal Dhillon
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Fighter Base HD US Edition!

No need to pay a visit to the Air and Space Museum!

This app features details and images of around 50 fighter aircrafts categorized in 5 sections.

A complete encyclopedia of detailed information on US military jets and aircrafts! The aircrafts are further categorized according to the era, and the app provides much more details including:
. Technical specifications
. Interesting facts
. History
. Stealth
. And much more!

And not just details, we feature many pictures of your favorite aircraft!

And even get loads of information, images and videos from Wikipedia, Flickr and YouTube!


The app also features:
. Search: You can search for fighter jets based on criteria like era, range, speed….
. Compare: Compare between your favorite fighter jets!
. Glossary: We feature a list of 300+ terms used in the aviation industry
. Museums: We show the location and details of aviation museums in the U.S. incase you still need to go to the museum.
We would also even show the distance of the nearest museum from your current location.
. Quiz: And to test your grasping skills, take a quick quiz and see how you fare!

Some of the featured fighter jets include F-22 Raptor, F-14 Tomcat, F-15 Eagle...


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For any technical issues or suggestions, please send me an email at

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