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From learning about the Civil War on the drive to school to reviewing the Korean War on your iPod/iPhone at the gym, AudioLearn is your complete audio study guide to US History._Key terms:
The Civil War
The Great Depression
World War II
The Cold War
The Vietnam War
And much, much more!

With its convenient format, AudioLearn fits your busy lifestyle, enabling you to study anywhere, anytime. Best of all, youll significantly increase learning and retention with AudioLearns proven study format:
Overview and Historical Background
Key Terms, People and Events
Detailed Discussion and Analysis
Study and Essay Questions
So make sure you score a perfect five on your AP exam and gain valuable college credits - get AudioLearn AP US History App today!

This great title is now available in its entirety on the iScroll®, a Text Synchronized Audiobook? (TSA) reader that will completely change the way you experience your favorite book. Choose to read, listen or both. Numerous studies have shown that simultaneous reading and listening dramatically increases focus, concentration and retention, ultimately boosting your learning capacity.

iScroll Features

- Enhanced Reading Features:
- Read, listen or do both
- Read in landscape or portrait
- Adjust font, line spacing, font and background color
- Optional two finger zoom to adjust text size
- Bookmark content for future reference
- Look up words
- Nighttime reading feature

Advanced Playback Features:
- Scroll through the text to fast forward and rewined (visual scrubbing)
- Chapter swipe: navigate through chapters with a side swipe
- Adjust playback speed when scrolling without audio: choose from 3 different speeds

Essential Study Features:
- Search the entire audio
- In-app look up: easily lookup content on Google/Wikipedia/dictionary
- Annotate content and email notes

We intend to produce quality products for your reading pleasure. We are constantly updating our software, thus we honor and appreciate any feedback from you to further enhance our products and your reading experience.

New Features:

- Multi-tasking
- Continue listening to audio while using other apps
- Audio Highlight
- Highlight words on the screen as narrator says them
- Facebook connect
- Copy text and then post it along with the corresponding audio directly to Facebook.
- Twitter Connect
- Copy text and post it along with a link to the audio to twitter

5.0 compatible
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