Discover Excel 2007 HD - Part II

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Discover Excel 2007 HD is interactive multimedia training for users of Microsoft Office Excel 2007. The Discover products combine audio, animation, and software simulation to make the “discovery” of computer programs both effective and entertaining.

This course covers the following topics:

Work With Charts
• Adding Charts
• Create A Chart
• Modify A Chart
• Chart Templates
• Analyzing Chart Data

Work With Graphics
• Graphics In Excel 2007
• Inserting Pictures
• Insert Clip Art
• Adding Shapes & Text Effects
• Insert SmartArt

Share Excel Data
• Overview

Distribute Workbooks
• Proofing Your Workbook
• Add Comments To A Worksheet
• E-mailing Or Faxing A Workbook

Share Workbooks
• Create A Shared Workbook
• Resolve Conflicts
• Track Changes

Workbook Protection
• Protecting Your Workbook
• Allowing Users To Edit Ranges

Publish A Workbook
• Excel Services
• Document Manager Server
• Create A Document Workspace

Work With Tables
• Tables In Excel 2007
• Create & Modify A Table
• Apply Table Styles

Filter & Sort Table Data
• Filter Data
• Advanced Filtering

PivotTable & PivotChart Reports
• Using PivotTable & PivotChart Reports
• Create A PivotTable
• Modifying A PivotTable
• Apply PivotTable Styles
• Create A PivotChart Report
• Modify A PivotChart Report

Outline A Worksheet
• Using Outlines
• Add & Remove An Outline
• Outline A Worksheet Manually

Data Validation
• Use Data Validation
• Circle Invalid Data

What-If Analysis
• Scenarios, Create & View Scenarios
• Use Goal Seek
• Use Data Tables
• Solver
• Use Solver

Link & Consolidate Data
• Data Consolidation
• Consolidate Data
• Link Consolidated Data
• Consolidate Data From Multiple Workbooks

Import Data
• The Office Clipboard
• Import Data From Access With Clipboard
• Get External Data
• Import Data From The Web
• Import Data From Text Files
• Import Data Using Microsoft Query

Use Macros
• What Is A Macro?
• The Developer Tab
• Macro Security
• Record A Macro
• Absolute Vs. Relative Recording
• Edit A Macro
• Stepping Into A Macro

Create Web Pages
• Insert A Hyperlink

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