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開発者FotoFinder Systems GmbH
リリース日2010-08-30 06:58:02
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互換性iOS 8.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
More than just a dermatoscope: Use the handyscope app to work with handyscope, the first dermatoscope for iPhone!

- Capture of dermoscopic photos with immersion and polarization
- Freezing feature to evaluate moles on-screen
- Optical magnification up to 20X with autofocus
- Automatic recording of shooting date and time
- Selection of the body localization on a virtual patient
- Millimeter scale for accurate mole measurement which can be toggled on/off
- Convenient photo sorting by date or patient
- Optional photo tagging with patient data and comments
- Password protected storage
- Direct email feature with SSL support
- Synchronization with local FotoFinder imaging system
- Gateway to Hub server with web storage and second opinion service

Attach the handyscope device to your iPhone and convert it into a high resolution dermatoscope. Capture and save dermoscopic photos of moles during skin cancer screening. Zoom in on photos and tag pictures with comments and patient demographics. Access your photos from your handyscope app, email them to your computer, upload them to the FotoFinder Hub or synchronize them with your FotoFinder dermoscope.

Hardware Requirements:
- FotoFinder handyscope, dermoscopy device for your iPhone
- iPhone 4, iPhone 4 S or iPhone 5

New for iPhone 5:
+ Engineered, sleek, lightweight design
+ Precision engineered lens system for brilliant images up to 8MP
+ Twin light system to toggle between polarization and immersion
+ Exchangeable front piece: dermoscopy with and without glass contact plate
+ Long power and low battery indicator

The FotoFinder handyscope app and the handyscope device are made by FotoFinder Systems GmbH, leading player of digital dermoscopy systems.

German innovation in dermoscopy!

Read more on www.handyscope.net.

This update makes the handyscope 1 App compatible with IOS 11
Minimum IOS version required to run properly is 9.3.5
Please note that this app will not be continued!
Backup all data and install handyscope 2 with new and more functionality for future work.
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更新日時:2018年7月20日 07時40分




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