Tantric Yoga Positions

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Tantric yoga positions expand intimate possibilities for partners, and not just for sex.

Tantra is not just about sex, although increased pleasure is certainly a healthy benefit to practicing tantric yoga
Yoga through its various asanas and breathing techniques help one redefine one's sexual life. It is also preparing one for a healthy sexual life and relationship.

Practicing yoga with your partner is like foreplay and Yoga increases flexibility in sex, which helps you to be free and just go for it in sex. yoga helps you develop an awareness of sensations in your body.

The tantra positions used for basic training, are essentially those referred to as "female superior". The male lies on his back, and the female gets on top of him, preferably in some form of sitting or upright position, although her lying on top is fine. As an alternate position, it is also alright for the male to be sitting - itís just usually easier if heís laying down. Whatever tantra positions are chosen, one of the priorities is to make sure it is a position the female enjoys.

She should be in a position that is sexually arousing to her, and optimizes her chances of orgasm. Contrary to the maleís goal, the female can (and should) freely have as many orgasms as possible. This feeds ìlife energyî into the ìcircuitî that is being built by both partners, via the use of their minds.


Here are some of the Tantric Yoga Positions which helps in improving oneís sensitivity, better orgasm, enhanced energy levels and improved sexual power:

- Downward-Facing Dog
- Bound Angle
- Better orgasms
- Enhanced energy level
- Uddiyana Bandhas
- Shoulder Stand
- Legs Up the Wall
- and many more....


Tantric Yoga gives you stronger contractions and releases, which can help you experience a more intense orgasm. Yoga believes that for a healthy sexual life, it is very important for a person to get relieved of all his stress. Also, his body should be relaxed fully. A sound mind and body is the foremost criteria for fulfilling sexual life and this is what yoga aims to attain through its asanas and breathing exercises. It helps you to achieve an optimum health. The healing power of yoga is so strong that it can even cure impotency.


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