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互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
  • 2018-03-24 このアプリは現在ストアから情報が取得できません。削除された可能性があります。
*** Griid Pro will be discontinued as of July 1 2013. There will be no further updates, however support will continue until December 31 2013. ***

The core Griid module is the most fluid, fastest and reliable tool for launching clips. If you need the best cliplauncher on the market you need Griid – pure and simple. 

Cliip makes editing MIDI clips a truly live, musical experience. The piano roll is now an instrument too. Paint notes onto the smooth zoomable grid. Use intuitive multitouch gestures to edit note length and velocity - no need to LEARN it, just FEEL it. Snap/Fine and Percussive/Melodic modes and the powerful Duplicate function will help you unleash your creativity. Use in the studio to effortlessly create that killer hook or get personal with your audience and truly create music in front of them.

Miixer offers unique mixer control for Ableton Live. Instead of emulating a hardware surface with a fixed panel, Miixer lets you easily choose which faders you want on which track.

Miixer gives you quick access to volume, pan and all sends on your audio and MIDI tracks. Besides the customiseable layout, you also have the option of tapping the Miixer button to quickly show or hide all faders. Both relative and absolute touch modes available. Move your finger further away from the fader to increase precision - just like the movie player on your iPhone/iPad! Switch on 0dB limiting to make sure the volume faders never go above unity gain. See which tracks are playing at a glance with the new Loudness Indicator LEDs.

“Should I buy Griid or Griid Pro?”

Griid Pro is the suite version. It's for those who want the most power they can get at the best price. When new modules, like Cliip and Miixer, get released, Griid Pro customers get it first. Some modules are free, others will be heavily reduced.

Griid is the way to go if you simply want the best possible multitouch clip launcher for Ableton Live. Cliip, Miixer and other modules will become available via In App Purchase very soon.

Cliip features:
- Piano roll with zoomable keyboard and timeline.
- Percussive mode for short notes and Melodic mode with two finger note length gesture.
- Snap and fine modes. Snap note position (or note end) to the grid, or use fine mode to add some groove.
- Drag up the velocity lane and add dynamics to your music.
- Copy and paste functions allow you to copy the contents of one clip to another.
- Duplicate function allows you to duplicate and extend the current loop (e.g. to copy a loop 4 times so that you can add a variation on the 4th loop).
- Clear all.
- Remotely create new MIDI clip.

Griid features:
- 11 x 11 clip grid in landscape; 8 x 16 in portrait on iPad.
- 6 x 6 clip grid in landscape; 4 x 8 in portrait on iPhone and iPod Touch.
- Fluid clip and scene launching and stopping.
- Full clip information: name, colour, playing status, loop/one-shot position.
- Track names, scene names and scene colours.
- Smooth inertia scrolling.
- Whole Live Set Overview mode. Move anywhere with a tap.
- Tap track header to show playing clip.
- Group track support.
- Clip grid independently zoomable in track and scene dimensions.

OS X (10.4 or later). Intel architecture only, no Power PC support.
Windows XP (SP3 recommended), Windows Vista or Windows 7.
Recent version of Live 8 (Live 8.2.2 required, 8.3.4 recommended) or Live 9

To use Griid Pro you need to install software on your computer hosting Ableton Live. You will need to connect to this computer via Wi-Fi.

Please visit to download files and carefully follow the step by step instructions.

- CoreMIDI support (both wireless and wired)
- Livid Code integration
- Track and clip selection
- Improved connection UI
- Various stability fixes
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