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Spice & Taste is created for all food lovers to have real good tasty Indian recipes in their pocket.

Some of the features include:
* This is a high standard cooking recipes app on app store for everyone!
* Repository of 70+ carefully picked recipes which have been tried by many people and marked as "WE LOVE THIS"
* Don't you like to scroll through all recipes? No worries, we have grouped the recipes by Categories to locate your favorite ones quickly.
* Confused of what to cook for Breakfast, Lunch, Evening, Dinner? We have suggestions for you in this app.
* Are you cramped with timelines? Have some guests coming in 1 hr? Is your family hungry and looking for something to delight them in 20 minutes? We have many suggestions for you.
* All of the recipes are home made with suggestion taken from seniors, hence there's a good balance of authenticity and modern flavors.
* What if an app finds you what you need instead of you looking at everything? Yes, this app has "you may like" feature which gives you suggestions based on your viewing pattern and history!
* Manage your favorite recipes by adding or removing from favorites list. Easy to locate your favorite each time you use the application.
* No worries Bachelors. We got easy recipes picked for you to cook.
* More recipes will be added with software update at regular intervals.

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