Advanced Wound Treatment

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Learn the life saving techniques used by US military experts to effectively treat and stabilize traumatic wounds in any part of the body. Knowing these skills and applying them appropriately can stop someone from bleeding to death or control their pain instantly! These techniques are useful whether you are in the battlefield or in a major car accident. Learn from over 80 detailed figures and diagrams on the most advanced techniques of wound splinting, bandaging, and dressing wounds.

This reference is great for any physician, nurse, paramedic, army medic, medical student, or anyone who might come across traumatic wounds like broken bones and soft tissue injury. Put yourself ahead of the curve with this importantly but rarely covered topic in your medical training. It's a lost art, but now you can master it. It is a "must have" reference for anyone who has the need to know life saving medical knowledge.

Step-by-step, detailed diagrams that show you how to:

-create a pressure dressing over any part of the body (forehead, army, chest, back, shoulder, hip, foot, hand, ear, jaw, elbow, knee, palm), to control active bleeding;

-create different types of bandages (circular, spiral, oblique, recurrent, crossed), for the best fit according to anatomy;

-create dressings for sucking chest wounds to prevent a lethal tension pneumothorax;

-create stabilizing splints for arms, legs, and spine to prevent further breakage and for pain control;

-use common everyday materials and convert them into medical supplies for traumatic wound care, like using tape as a semi-rigid support for the back, ankle, knee, or fractured rib;

-many more!

The information in this application is compiled from sources believed to be reliable. However the accuracy and completeness of this work cannot be guaranteed. Despite our best efforts this application may contain typographical errors and omissions. This application is intended as a quick and convenient reminder of information you have already learned elsewhere. The contents are to be used as a guide only, and health care professionals should use sound clinical judgment and individualized therapy to each specific patient care situation. This application is not meant to be a replacement for training, experience, continuing medical education, studying the latest clinical literature, or common sense. This application is sold without warranties of any kind, express or implied, and the publisher and editors disclaim any liability, loss or damage caused by the contents.

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