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Objective-C video tutorials teaches you Objective-C for iPhone/iPad programming. Learning has never been easier.

** NOW FREE - as all developers know, IT knowledge quickly becomes outdated. I am making this free, as it is a little dated. Still current information with easier ways to do some things...YMMV.

** Try before you buy *** all the videos are available for free on Vimeo, your paying for all the videos being bundled in one app. Jump to one of the videos on Sharing data between xibs...and you can judge for yourself if my annoying coughs make the app not worth 1.99...

Every example runs, every example has source code for download at my web site.

Contains over 50 videos for each "Try This" example application in James A. Brannan's book: "Objective-C for iPhone Programmers" A Beginner's Guide."

Titles include: Creating Classes from a Class Diagram, Mitigating a Circular Dependency Using the @class Directive, Extending a Duck with a Better Duck, and many more.

Each video's Xcode project is also available as a download via www.jamesabrannan.com so you can follow along in Xcode if you wish.

Although the videos complement James's book, they stand alone as a complete tutorial. With sound, panning, and zooming - you can actually see and hear the videos on your iPad.

Again, each video tutorial corresponds to a Try This example in the book: "Objective-C for iPhone Programmers: A Beginner's Guide." Although each video stands alone, it is best learned alongside the book's written steps.

It's a large download, but the learning resource provided is worth it, especially given the nominal charge!

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