Touch and Go Knitting

価格 300円
開発者Touch and Go
リリース日2010-05-20 00:46:04
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互換性iOS 3.1以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
  • 2018-10-24 このアプリは現在ストアから情報が取得できません。削除された可能性があります。
TAG Jr. has 9 built in Videos on-how-to use.
All reviews:
From the UK:
Life saver - ★★★★★
by Iluvgingerbread - Version 1.0 - Sep 28, 2011
Just what I needed, I crochet and need to count rows so this is great for that.
Lacking substance - ★★★
by BKnit - Version 1.0 - Oct 14, 2010
It shows you the number of stitches (and rows) in a given width (and length) based on the gauge you give it. That's all it does. The visual interface is good and easy to use. If you want a pretty calculator to tell you how many rows/stitches you need for a plain scarf, this is it. The triangular shawl calculation seems flawed to me, and slightly pointless.

From USA:
Great value! - ★★★★
Version 1.0 - Oct 30, 2010
TAG JR is more than just a mini-version of TAG. I love the counter which has been expanded to handle sequences. And, it's so simple to pick up and start using. The counter alone is worth the $.99. JR also has video tutorials that show step-by-step how to use each of the features. I'm a pattern knitter but I haven't made it through a project yet that I didn't want to change - a little here or there. I realized from watching the video on converting from one gauge to another that I could be much more creative with my projects. I've decided to upgrade to the full version.

Touch And Go Knitting (TAG) is the new way to short cut knitting's biggest pain, MATH….and it does it VISUALLY!
Many of us are VISUAL learners, and we pick up quickly with a VISUAL approach. VISUAL software means no more confusing calculator looking screens. Familiar yellow tape measures are there for you to adjust, instead of techie buttons and forms that are as difficult to understand as the math itself.

Touch and Goes exclusive VISUAL knitting brings you an animated display of knitting shapes you'll recognize. Use TAG one handed with your thumb or finger. When you touch an arrow, a yellow tape measure instantly appears. Watch as the garment shape changes below your tub as you slid the tape. Lift your thumb …. the stitch and row gauges and instructions appear as the yellow tape hides itself away. Being all thumbs is a big advantage with Touch and Go's VISUAL software.

- Runs seamlessly in Inches or CM.
- Button Holes: Dial in Band Sts or Rows, top, bottom Sts, Nr buttons, button width, row wise or stitch wise.
-Test Swatch: Use any number of row and stitches.
- Cuff:Figures evenly distributed inc/dec on one row.
- Raglan: Set Top,Bottom and Lengths for inc/dec instructions.
- Neckline: Set Top,Bottom and Depth for inc/dec instructions.
- Shawl:Top,Length for inc/dec instructions.
- Swatch:Knit any size swatch and set in it's sts/row gauge.
- Counter: Two independent counters that never sleep or forget.
- Docs: Knitting references anytime in the app. No internet required.
- Screen Shot: Saves a image of all your test swatches information for later use.
- Gauges: Uses standard 4x4 inch 10 x 10 cm and 1x1 inch and 2.5 x 2.5 cm
- Convert between knitting gauges.
Lots more to come!

Enlarged text fonts on answer panel.
Repaired minor bugs.
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更新日時:2018年10月24日 01時56分




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