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With this update, all Citi customers will be able to enjoy the new Citi Mobile App. In addition, we are excited to launch more features that will make your mobile banking experience faster and more intuitive.

Personalized for you
• Log in securely with Face ID and Touch ID biometrics
• View all your banking products at a glance upon login
• Get around the app simply with a navigation bar customized to suit your needs

More enjoyable spending and paying
• We’ve redesigned the payments tab to work better for you. Additionally, payment functions are now also conveniently placed throughout the mobile app where relevant
• Easily access all of your card offers through one simple portal and discover how you can make the best use of your Citi benefits
• Convert large purchases or card statements into instalment plans or get quickly borrow cash from your available credit limit
• Use your Citi points and miles to pay for any cards purchase

Understand features and products better
• Search quicker with smarter FAQs within our Help section, which predicts what you are looking for as you type
• Each of your banking products have their very own page – you’ll find all you need to know about them and what you can do in plain sight

Look out for even more improvements coming your way in the next few months. Our goal is to create the best mobile banking experience, and we’ve only just begun. Let us know if there’s anything you’d change or add; we want to build an experience you’ll love.

Thanks for being our customer,

Your Citi Team

Citibank full disclaimers, terms and conditions apply to individual products and banking services. For more details, please visit

The use of this Citibank SG Mobile app is for the customers of Citibank Singapore Limited only. Content provided via this Citibank SG Mobile App is not specifically created for any territory other than where Citibank Singapore Limited operates/is licensed to operate.

Apple Pay In-app Provisioning:
Add your Citi credit card directly to Apple Pay via Citi Mobile® App and enjoy fast and easy payment.

Overseas funds transfer:
Unlock a world of possibilities to meet your overseas fund transfer needs. For greater flexibility and convenience, you can now remit money in more than 40 currencies at a maximum daily limit.

Scan and Pay:
Pay your friends and merchants by scanning a PayNow QR code and send customized QR codes to request payments.

Citibank Global Wallet:
Turn on Citibank Global Wallet to spend like a local overseas and shop online globally with your Citibank Debit Mastercard®. Auto-switch up to 10 currencies and avoid FX charges/transaction processing fees when you spend in foreign currencies. You can also enjoy fee-free withdrawals at Citi ATMs worldwide.
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