Video Call for iPhone

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開発者John Holdsworth
リリース日2010-08-06 10:35:22
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互換性iOS 4.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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"A must for any iPhone" Video Call lets you share your world with all your friends through your iphone's lens. The only registration required is to name your device then you can call anyone, anywhere in the world and share real time video.

Features include:
* Easy to use, simple intuitive interface.
* Super fast connect using push notifications.
* No registration other than to give your device a name your fiends use to call you.
* No congested central server. After introducing your devices, Video Call works completely PEER-to-PEER, iphone to iphone for the optimum performance.
* Supports slower devices (2g-3g) and networks by reducing the image resolution transmitted (can be turned off by clicking on the lightning icon displayed on the toolbar.)
* Works on 3G Cellular network when you are mobile (see below)

Other features include:
* Draw on the image to highlight what you are talking about (shake to clear.)
* A phone can conference video with any number of people.
* Pinch the screen to zoom the camera in or out.
* Pause or save to camera roll from the toolbar.

To make a video call to a friend, you both need to install the Video Call application. Give each of your phones a unique name when you first run the program. On the main screen, enter the name that your friend gave to their phone and press the "connect" button. Your friend will receive a "push notification" to run the application and can answer your call by pressing connect. Once Video Call says your phones have been connected, press the "Send video to.. " button at the bottom of the screen and you will be sharing your iphone camera with them.

Video Call does not however send sound. The iphone itself already does a better job at this than could ever be done over the Internet. Call and put your phone on speaker then exit and run Video Call to complete the experience.

With the new version Video Call should now be able to make a connection across most networks, wi-fi to wi-fi, 3G to 3G. If you are having problems make sure you are both running Video call when you call each other and that you that are using the correct name your friend gave their phone in Video Call. Not their phone number or email address.

For the doubters amongst the reviews, the app is most definitely working and has connected 8,500 calls with a total of 15 days of video transferred in it's first month! Please consult the support site for more help if you're having trouble getting connected.

Enjoy using Video Call. It's a new way to share your life.

Send me screenshots of your favourite landmarks so I can post them in the app store! The address is

Better support for uPNP to route from home networks and improved video compression for slow connections. Front camera support for iphone4.
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