Tea Healing

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For more than 4000 years now, tea has been a faithful staple in many cultures and countries around the world. Used as a sustaining liquid for those suffering from infectious disease, there are many believers who have always asserted that tea holds powerful healing properties.

In some cases, they believe that tea can actually cure ailments and sickness. New emerging studies are elevating these assumptions from myth to scientific reality, providing significant evidence that tea is indeed a source of health and contains legitimate healing properties.

"Sometimes a steaming cup of tea is more than a beverage, it's a full healing experience."

This application gives you all the information you need to brew the perfect cup of herbal tea. App contains 60 herbal plants and various tips about tea and healing!

Each herbal plant has detailed:

- Description

- Characteristics (plant, height, soil, exposure, propagation, care, taste...)

- Medical use (list of health issues affected by the chosen herbal plant)

- "How to brew" (detail instruction how to brew a perfect cup of tea for chosen herbal plant)


Remember, tea is a silent but powerful influence in our lives.

Enjoy this application!

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