RedFish 4 Kids

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開発者FreshPlanet Inc.
リリース日2010-04-01 17:40:58
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Let your children PLAY & LEARN with RedFish, a chock-full of 50+ creative exercises, learning activities, and open-ended play.

Played by children, tested by educators and approved by parents all over the World, RedFish is featuring an elegant touch interface, charming graphics and offers hours of delightful interaction for children aged 2-7.

Pop the balloons! Light the fireworks! Choose your ice cream cone flavor! Compose a tune and hear it played back for you!

Redfish contains more than 50 unique interactive toys exploring:

- letters and words: a complete spoken alphabet, with an interactive surprise behind each letter to make meaningful and lasting connections;

- numbers: 1-9 for early numeracy, each telling its own quirky story;

- counting and turn taking: a Snakes & Ladders game RedFish style to go around;

- music: a funky piano to introduce playing and composing... and make family and friends listen too;

- problem-solving: a great set of jigsaw style puzzles;

- colors: lots of them;

- shapes: all sorts;

- and much more!

Designed by artists, psychologists and interaction specialists, the Redfish experience takes place in a colorful playroom, in which children find their way around in no time.

Watch in amazement as they Blast Balloons (and count to 3), Bake a Cake (and learn that it takes flour, eggs, milk, butter and connect it to the letter C), make a Puzzle, sort shapes by colours (or colours by shapes) and generally have a fun time, while reasoning, deducing, analyzing, and developing logical thought, problem solving and decision making skills.

They will be proud of their achievements and will want to share their discoveries with you. Let them play freely with Redfish, you'll be amazed what those developping brains can do while having lots of fun and laughters.

The RedFish, available for $9.99, contains over 50 intelligent activities and provides hours of educational entertainment.

With RedFish, FUN and LEARN finally mean the same thing, your children will love it!

Bug fixes, crashing fixed on all activities. This is the only game made for the 2 to 7 years old that can be played with no menus, no explanations, no tutorial... just one (or more) fingers! Ask your children to play with the RedFish, they will love it!
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