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互換性iOS 5.0以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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DJ VirtualDeck was one of the first DJ apps to hit the iOS App Store back in 2008, approximately 1 month after the store opened. DJDeckX followed this trend, being one of the first 1000 apps to be released specifically for the iPad.

Quickdecay have decided to re-release DJDeckX as a free app giving all iPad users a glimpse into the iPad App Store's humble beginnings, back when there were only about 1000 iPad apps.
We hope you enjoy this flashback to times past.
- plays most popular formats, like unprotected AAC, MP3, AIFF and Ogg
- 2 decks with crossfader, to mix and scratch on
- low, middle and high frequency filter
- nudge buttons
- stutter cue
- unlimited cue points
- 'Sync' feature uses BPM to sync the speed of your tracks and alternatively remembers the last speed your tracks were combined with

The preview channel is stereo-left, the output the audience will hear is stereo-right. To be able to perform, you'll need a stereo-to-mono splitter.
Audio needs to be synced with DJDeckX.

The iPad User's Manual describes this on page 32:
Apps Pane
Use the Apps pane to sync App Store applications, arrange applications on the iPad Home screen, or copy documents between iPad and your computer.
When you sync iPad, iTunes automatically adds applications you downloaded on iPad to the iTunes Library. If you delete an application on iPad, you can reinstall it from the Apps pane as long as it was previously synced.
Documents that you create on iPad with applications that support file sharing can be copied to your computer. You can also copy documents from your computer to iPad, for use with an application that supports file sharing. For example, if you have the Pages application for iPad, you can work on a document on iPad, then copy it to your Mac and finish it in Pages on Mac OS X.
Applications that support file sharing are shown in the File Sharing Apps list. For each application, the Files list shows the documents that are on iPad. See the application's documentation for how it shares files; not all applications support this feature.
To copy a file from iPad to your computer, select it in the Files list, then click Save To and choose a destination on your computer. To delete a file from iPad, select it in the Files list, then press Delete.
To copy a file from your computer to iPad, select an application in the File Sharing Apps list, click Add, then select the file. Make sure the file is one the application supports. To copy more than one file, select each file individually. Each file is immediately copied to iPad for use with the application.

- improved performance
- removed alternative screen
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