価格 480円
開発者Pajamahouse Studios
リリース日2010-04-02 04:35:51
星3 (13人)
星3 (13人)
互換性iOS 9.3以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
DJ on the Go.

SRDJ is here! Start mixing now with new features like Hot Cues, Deck Split mode and waveform scrubbing. Test your night’s playlists while traveling to the gig! Mix songs directly from your iPod Library!

Designed by and made for real deejays, SRDJ is a serious tablet DJ offering that meets the demands of professional and casual deejays alike.

SRDJ sports two independent decks, each with their own dedicated effects module, cue points, permanent and temporary pitch controls, level meters, parametric EQ and gain adjustments. Mix these however you like -- whether by Headphone Split using a Y adapter, Deck Split using your own external mixer, or if you're feeling adventurous, visually with touch-sensitive waveforms.

Because SRDJ contains everything you need, it lets you carry your turntables, mixer and music library all on one device, without either the cost and bulk of professional hardware equipment.

Is the radio not entertaining your guests? Create the perfect soundtrack at the your next house party!

Flying to a gig? Practice your mix in your headphones and and choose which songs work best before getting to the venue!

Want to make travel seem shorter? Entertain your friends with your favorite mix of songs on your road trips!

Two turntables not enough? Set up SRDJ on an additional channel and add an extra layer to your mix!

Equipment malfunction right at the worst possible time? Keep SRDJ around as a handy backup performance solution!

Regardless of your skill level as a deejay - pro or amateur - its great to have a solution right in your palms. After all, SRDJ is a lot lighter than most equipment and costs hundreds of dollars less.


+ Completely updated audio engine
+ BPM and Waveform analysis
+ Interactive Waveform scrubbing
+ Beat-highlighted waveforms
+ Mix songs directly from your iPod Library
+ Easy file transfer via iTunes File Sharing
+ Hot Cue Features
+ Reverb, Flange, Distortion, Tremolo, Echo and High-Pass Effects
+ Tweakable parameters for all effects
+ Persistent Pitch Control for adjusting playback speed and beatmatching
+ Dynamic Jog Area for dramatically and temporarily affecting pitch
+ EQ and Gains for fine tuning the volume, low mid and high frequency ranges
+ Level meters
+ Full MP3 format support including VBR and CBR (128 to 320 kbps)
+ Optimized for CBR mp3
+ AAC and WAV support
+ Tutorial for newcomers
+ New features are in the works for SRDJ like mix recording and further audio optimizations.

Re-built with a new audio engine.
Performance optimizations.
Combined BPM and Waveform Analysis on songs.

Coming Soon:
Improved in-app mix recording
Improved engine performance and audio analysis
Expanded track library options
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