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The OFFICIAL X-FACTOR VOICE is now available and has been COMPLETELY REDESIGNED for your iPad. You write a sentence for him to say and he will shout it out in his most famous Announcer Voice. Unlimited vocabulary!

VoiceOver man as he is commonly known is the voice behind X-Factor which is replacing American Idol, E4 and your most loved TV programs including Family Fortunes, Chris Moyles Quiz Night and a zillion other TV and Radio shows...pretty much every popular show out there.

We have worked closely with VoiceOver Man to create a ton of original content to be used within this application only including single words, phrases, prank calls, alarm wake up calls and ringtones.

This is not just a soundboard! We take the soundboard principal and completely transform it setting a new standard for audio based applications on the AppStore.

Infact, a soundboard is just one of the 5 sections of this application.

* Sentence Maker
* Soundboard
* Ask Peter
* Alarm Tones
* Ringtones

Peter has recorded several THOUSANDS of words and phrases and ALL of them have been added into the application for you to use as you wish.

Using the Sentence Maker you are able to construct an unlimited amount of unique sentences and have them played back by Peter immediately from your device.

You can save your sentences for use later and even select from a wide range of pre-defined sentences.

Want to be introduced as an international superstar American Idol & X-Factor style? Easy
Want to order your food in a restaurant in Peter's voice? Easy
Want to bellow sweet nothing's at your partner? Job Done

Infact, there is nothing you cannot say with this application. Simply choose your words to construct your sentence and press play.

Obviously with several thousands of words it could take a while to become familiar with the locations of certain words or phrases but we have taken a considerable amount of time to categorise them to make it even easier and more importantly, fun.

Choose from over 60....YES 60!! categories including:
* Numbers
* Days
* Months
* Colours
* Weather
* Body
* 100's of First Names (Male & Female)
* 100's of Surnames
* Showbiz Names & Pop Groups
* Jobs
* Currency
* Web
* Introductions
* Quiz
* Alphabetical
* Phrases and many more

We believe that this application is one of the most useful applications to ever hit the AppStore.

Sentence Maker could easily survive as an application on its own but we went further.

Our soundboard features more than 100 hilarious and exclusive phrases including:

* Fo Shizzle My Nizzle
* Ice Ice Peter
* I aint getting on no plane and many more

This section allows you to ask Peter any question you wish with an immediate random reply. Hilarious and guaranteed to be a hit with your mates.

Guaranteed to put a smile on ANYBODIES face.

Peter has recorded a huge array of exclusive ringtones and alarm tones for this application including:

* Wake up, It's Monday Ruddy Monday
* You filthy animal
* It's dole day
* Attention, your mother in law is calling and many more

All of our alarm / ringtones can be sent direct from the application to your email address.

Twitter: @Quapps
FB: http://bit.ly/quappsgroup
Web: Quapps.co.uk

Using the ringtones and alarm calls function on the application will submit your email address into our database in order to forward your requested ringtone to you.

We reserve the right to use this data to send you promotional material related to your purchase.

All content (c) Quapps. Usage restrictions are in place and must be adhered to at all times. More information within the application for licensing.

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