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互換性iOS 4.3以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Interface 2 has finally arrived! Interface 2 is a complete rewrite of the original revolutionary Interface.

Use Interface 2 to create pixel perfect mockup of your iPhone app using native iOS widgets, right on the the iPhone.

View our video demo on

Imagine how much time you will save if you can create a mockup of your iPhone app, right within your iPhone? Even better if you can instantly try out your mockup with real native iOS controls?

Imagine how impressive and competitive it is, if you can show a ready-to-play mockup to your client, and let your client try out the mockup before you actually commit any work?

Now you can, with Interface, the ultimate mockup & prototyping app for iPhone.

We believe iPhone itself is the best place to create mockup for an app, because you can hold the device on your hand and actually try out the mockup. This is why we created Interface, the Interface Builder(or even better) that runs right within your iPhone.

◆◆◆ FEATURES ◆◆◆
→ Create Mockup Using Native iOS Controls
Simply pick a widget from the widget library and drop it to your mockup screen, then start customizing widgets using options.

Interface covers almost all iOS widgets, and it follows guideline suggested by Apple when creating widgets to achieve pixel-perfect results.

→ Special Editors
From Subview Editing to Gradient editor, Interface's powerful layout engine allows you to customize almost everything provided by the iOS SDK.

Undo & Redo, Copy & Paste are all supported such that you can edit your screen with ease & confidence.

→ Action & Preview, Link Mockup Screens with Animations
Link screens in your project with native iOS animations, push screens around and display popovers, it is fun!

Preview your app flow right within Interface, or export the project to Xcode and run it natively on iOS devices.

→ Xcode Export, Turn Your Mockup into Live Codes
Our free cloud based Xcode export service will convert your entire project into an Xcode project in just one single tap.

Build the exported project in Xcode and run it right on your iOS device.

→ Share via PDF
Export your project to a multi-page PDF (including the project action flowchart) to share with anyone.

→ Image Assets
Bring your own project images to Interface via iTunes File Sharing, with iOS 5 Wifi Sync support, you can even upload your assets wirelessly.

We've also handpicked a list of high quality stock icons & patterns, installation is just one tap away.

→ More Features Than You Can Imagine
Retina support, rotation support, auto resizing support, alpha, password protected project, visit for extensive screencasts and information.

◆◆◆ HOW TO USE ◆◆◆
Please visit for extensive screencasts and information.

=== 2.0.6 ===
BUG FIX: Fixed occasional crashing problem when adding action
NEW: Search support for Font
NEW: Light background option for image picker
NEW: Integrate with Crashlytics to provide better support in the future, our aim is to deliver a crash free productivity app.

=== 2.0.5 ===
BUG FIX: Fixed widget order not saved bug
BUG FIX: Improved stability when exporting PDF & viewing Flow Chart
BUG FIX: Fixed crashing when undo adding action
NEW: Editor option to highlight widgets with actions
IMPROVEMENT: Preparation for major 2.1 update


Introducing Interface HD 2

=== NEW ===

Interface HD 2 is a complete rewrite of the original revolutionary Interface HD, Interface HD 2 offers many new features and services including sub view editing, specialized editors, full action export, PDF export and more.

Please visit to get the latest information and screencasts.

Your existing Interface HD 1.2 mockup screens will be migrated to a new project called "Interface 1.2 Screens".

=== FEEDBACK ===
Let us know what you think about this major update.

If you are happy with this update please do us a favor by rating the app, thanks!
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