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開発者Warby Software Pty Ltd
リリース日2010-02-24 15:02:03
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互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
  • 2018-06-24 このアプリは現在ストアから情報が取得できません。削除された可能性があります。
Supported on iOS 5.1 , iOS 6.0, and iOS 6.1 only.


Bookkeeping is a fully featured double entry bookkeeping program for individuals and small businesses, it is not a simple expense tracker. The extensive capabilities of Bookkeeping mean that there is no longer a need for an expensive desktop accounting package for many people and businesses.

Bookkeeping has got you covered regardless of whether you have a small business selling products and services around the world, are a contractor providing services, or a jet setting professional that needs their finances in their pocket at all times. Bookkeeping has full multi-currency capabilities with no restrictions on which currencies you can use.

Save money with no in-app or recurring purchases required. You get all of the capabilities for the one low price.

Bookkeeping does not rely on a desktop version or internet based solution to work.

We have spent more than 8000 hours of development and testing time on the program to bring you the most capable bookkeeping program for iOS devices. With more than three years of production use by thousands of people you can be sure that it is stable and reliable.

Significantly reduce your data entry time with the iPad version which is optimised for data entry on a larger screen size.

Here are some of the capabilities of the program:
Full double entry bookkeeping (Journals and Ledgers)
Cash or accrual accounting
Multiple books (sets of accounts)
Easily organise the chart of accounts with drag and drop simplicity
Support for non-standard financial periods (6 months, 18 months, etc)
Customers and Suppliers
Sales, Receipts, Purchases, Payments, Returns, Refunds
Multi-line Invoicing, Quotations and Purchase Orders
Adjustment Notes (GST compliant)
Support for recurring sales and purchases
Receive sales made in multiple currencies as a single receipt
Cheque book and Deposit book
Calculate point of sale taxes (VAT, GST, PST, etc) automatically
Apply multiple sales taxes to each line item: (e.g. GST + QST)
Perform bank reconciliations
Import bank transactions
Lists of the items you buy and sell to make data entry quick and easy
Sell items in multiple currencies with separate standard prices per currency
Separate purchase and sale part numbers for inventory items
Multi-currency support
Backup/Restore via WebDav, Dropbox, Email, or to the local device
Alerts for actions that need to be taken, or mistakes made in data entry
Quick entry screens for commonly used functions.
Quick access buttons for fast navigation
Numerous Reports to meet all your reporting needs
Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Wage Statement, Tax Statements, Cheques Written, and many others
Customisable summary accounts to provide subtotals on the reports
Security on a per book basis
Lock records in prior periods to prevent accidental modification
Integration with Dropbox
Print directly to any AirPrint or WePrint enabled printer

Bookkeeping3 is not being enhanced any further.
If you require the latest capabilities, and improvements then please look at Bookkeeping4.
If you require a Bookkeeping solution that has been tested on iOS 6.1 or BELOW (e.g. iOS 5.1) then you can use Bookkeeping3.
If you require a Bookkeeping solution that has been tested on iOS 6.1 or ABOVE (e.g. iOS 7) you need Bookkeeping4.

You can migrate from Bookkeeping3 to Bookkeeping4 by doing a backup of each book on Bookkeeping3 and then restoring into Bookkeeping4.

Please note that Bookkeeping3 has not been tested on iOS7 and above and is not being updated for iOS7. It may or may not function correctly on iOS7 and above as it is only designed and tested for iOS versions up to iOS6.1. In any event there will be no support for any issues encountered running Bookkeeping3 on iOS7 or above.

Improved expression evaluator to handle South African formatting with spaces in numbers
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