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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Real Tools is a collection of 18 Tool Applications that have real utility including: scale, leveling, angles, temperature, sound level, battery levels, ruler, G Force, etc. Real Tools enables your iPhone or iPod Touch to have true utility. ONE WEEK SALE!! 50% OFF!!

16 of the tools work on the iPod Touch 2+3rd Gen!

Our tools look real and sound real, but most importantly they are real and take measurements that are as accurate as their physical counterparts you might buy at your local hardware store. Real tools include the equivalent of over $1200.00 USD worth of hardware, and it all fits in your pocket!

Each Real Tool in the tool box has several functions and many applications.
>- FUNCTIONS: Over 100!
>- CONTROLS: Over 50!
>- REAL APPLICATIONS: We stopped counting at 200!

Real Tools includes the following 18 Tools:
1. Scale: The Real Tools scale is a true weight measurement device that does not require you to balance your device on your finger! Range (iPhone: 40-200grams) (iPodTouch: 70-200grams)
2. Thermometer - Weather Station: Measure temperature, humidity, dew point, etc at your present location.
3. Sound Pressure Level: This SPL Meter has all of the features you will find in most semi-professional sound meters.
4. Magnometer*: This Tesla meter will show strength and direction of magnetic fields in 3D. It can find studs/wiring/plumbing in walls.
5. Surface Level: This is a 2D bubble level for measuring the flatness of a surface in two dimensions.
6. Measuring Tape: This is a fully functional measuring tape (0-2.87" : 0-73.1mm), including realistic sounds.
7. Digital Angle Gauge: This Inclinometer measures inclines 0-90.00 deg with Hundredths of a degree accuracy.
8. Plumb Bob: Our plumb Bob measures angle in 3D and in useful for many household or industrial tasks.
9. G-Force Meter: This tool measures G Force and Peak G Force and is useful for many tasks including automotive skidpad testing.
10. Battery Meter: The BahnTech Battery meter detects your device to provide maximum accuracy, indicates state, has multiple backgrounds, and a "test" mode.
11. Ruler: The ruler is useful for measuring screen sized objects from (0-2.87" : 0-73.1mm) in high precision.
12. Flashlight: This ideal flashlight application allows you to select from 8 Bulbs while adjusting Brightness and Color.
13. Compass*: Our compass is superior to the default compass because it functions like a real compass with a moving dial and fixed bezel.
14. Vernier Caliper: The caliper functions like the real tool and is useful for measuring the length of very small objects (0-2.52" : 0-64.38mm).
15. Spirit Level: The spirit level has three bubble levels at 0 deg, 45deg, and 90deg. The triple bubble setup results in faster leveling.
16. GPS: The Global Positioning System works on all devices and includes map, reverse geocoded pin, velocity and altitude. Some features require 3Gs**
17. Digital Angle Meter: This industrial tool is useful for measuring angles. Its resolution is (0 - 90) degrees.
18: Digital Protractor: This angle measurement tool is similar to a traditional protractor with an accuracy of (0.0 - 180.0) degrees.

*iPhone 3Gs Only - Requires Magnometer hardware.
**Some features of the GPS Tool work differently with different hardware:
>iPhone 3Gs: The manometer will be used as a compass and the compass will orient the Map based on the orientation of the device.
> iPhone 3G: The compass orientation will not be available.
> iPhone 2.5G: The GPS position will be attained using either Cellular triangulation or WiFi location, whichever is more accurate. The Compass orientation will not function.
> iPod Touch: The GPS position will be attained using WiFi location. The Compass orientation will not function.

*iPods need an external microphone to measure sound.

BahnTech Corporation's privacy policy can be found at

Another quality BahnTech Product.

-Fixed crash at launch on some iPhone 3G devices
-Fixed Weather issues
-Added better iPhone 4 support to Battery Tool
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